Monday, November 28, 2005


Wow. I just noticed how many comments there are on my post about my political opinions! Apparently I was linked to some sort of website for extremely angry gays and extreme leftists.

I'm getting more hate than Brechi does when he talks politics! Maybe I should post more shirtless pictures of myself to hinder some of those Anonymous commenters/haters! Does that work well, Brechi?? Then again, it's been rather entertaining.

And what's up with the attacks on poor AmyD! Some of them are likening us to Hitler and Eva Braun. Funny how people just don't seem to possess reading comprehension skills anymore...

Although mostly hateful and nasty, thanks for all your comments anyway. Like my post referenced, a good thing about living in a democracy is having freedom of speech.

My suggestion:
Go get 'em, Extreme Donkies! Beat the Man!!
Because your lives, under our current President, I'm sure, are so horrible!

Talk about people spreading hate...lordy.

THAT went over well...

So, my family didn't even fight at all this year during our annual turkey feast. Usually there's slipped comments followed by awkward silence. But, nope - not this year! The worst was probably in 2002 when my brother and I were *screaming* at each other, including the f-bomb. It was because I was a couple hours late. My Mom was crying and I stormed out saying, "See you f'ers at Christmas." That was fun. As Ellen DeGeneres so brilliantly said, "You know things are starting to go downhill when somebody says, 'What's *that* supposed to mean...??'" Or, in my case, "See you f'ers at Christmas..." Maybe it had to do with the fact that not all 8 of we kids were there at once...

My sister Becky attended her first family function in two years. It was a little awkward at first...kinda searching for conversation, but by the end, all was well and we were all talking and laughing about family stories. My blind grannie recanted her recent mishap that involved stepping in dog-doo. She said, "Your Mother and I got back to my apartment, sat down, and she said, "Why, Mother, you've stepped in dog shit!!" Had to be there, but it was funny to hear a blind 87-yr-old woman exclaim that.

The rest of the weekend was spent drinking with friends. Jeff's family was here from North Dakota - his sister and I have a good time together. She's a riot.

Hung out with a guy on Saturday night whom I haven't seen in a couple years or more. We met at the Gay '90s and hung out in the Retro Bar for a little while, watched Roxy Marquis do her Madonna "Time Goes By So Slowly" (or whatever it's called) in the drag show lounge, then we went to Minneapolis' pretty boy bar, The Saloon. It was packed as always and I felt old. We did dance a little and I left right before close. This same guy and I hung out at my place last night too. Don't really know if there's any potential there. We'll see, I guess.

At least I didn't pass out in my hallway or burn the carpet this year!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Heeeeeere, turkey, turkey, turkey....

Yeah, I'm still a blogging bitch. I'll get back to my old ways sometime soon.

Nothing is new.

Don't really talk to New Guy/Healthy Boy anymore. No worries. Knew that would happen.

Just wanted to wish all my peeps a Happy Thanksgiving! Even to those of you who don't a turkey sandwich or something and think of we Americans proving ourselves, once again, to be gluttonous overeaters.

I can't wait.

I'll be at my sister's in Rochester. In attendance will be: Grannie, Mom, brother Rob and his daughter; sister Becky and her 2 kids; sister Marylee and her 3 daughters; sister Melissa (hostess), her husband and daughter; brother Judge and myself.

Last year, on Thanksgiving night, HotBabe and I went to a bar called Herkimer and got drunk. I locked myself out, then HotBabe rang every buzzer till someone let us in. Then I passed out in my apartment hallway, just short of my bedroom. I burnt a hole in my carpet. Missed work the next day. Good times.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Scared him off good

Bet you thought I was talking about New Guy, huh? Nope. Well, not yet, anyway.

Last night I went to happy hour at The Local with a co-worker who recently left my current company - just a couple weeks ago. Anyway, we decided to meet up for drinks. He's one of "the gays" too, and surprisingly, we've never really hung out outside of work before. He's 25. We get along well.

Of course it wound up being five increasingly happy hours with about 8 million drinks. I barely remember leaving the bar. Today he e-mailed "That was fun, I've never seen you like that before!" And I said, "I just hope I didn't yell at anyone or otherwise do something else stupid." After that he claimed that we made out outside the bar!

I still don't know if he's kidding. The last clear picture in my head is of him running down the street - away from the bar - so that's not a good sign...

WARNING: Amstel Lights by the pint in an Irish pub are stronger and more intoxicating than you might expect.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Do you ever feel blogged out?

I've been really bad about reading blogs lately and haven't felt much like posting either (aside from my marathon this past Friday). I go through blogging phases, I think. Plus, not that anyone cares, but work hasn't allowed any time to fool around lately either. Plenty of time to make me feel like hurling a chair through the window, but none for blogging!

Brechi asked me to try the guest-blogging thing, which I want to do - so hopefully some inspiration will appear soon. I'm still not really sure what it's all about (the guest-blogging thing). Am I an idiot for not "getting" it, or am I reading too much into it?? I mean, should I just write something I'd normally write, but publish it on someone else's blog? Is that all it is?? Funny that this is stressing me out. Welcome to my world - where little things are cause for much sweat.

On another note - hung out with New Guy again last night. It was much the same...just sitting on the couch, not making any contact, and kind of chuckling at the TV. We watched the end of Gremlins and then an episode of Golden Girls. Welcome to zany, crazy world of dating Kiddostyle, my friends...Pathetic...

I'm kind of nervous of him. He's almost 36, but looks late 20s. He's in *such* better shape than I am and is all health-conscious. He's only been that way about a year, but I can't help but wonder...what's he going to think when he sees that I could stand to do a couple situps? What's he going to think about the unhealthy items tossed in my cart while grocery shopping? What's he going to think if we go to a bar together and sees me throwing back a few (dozen) beers??

I feel like I'm on the road to inevitable doom.

Ay' carumba, muchacho...

Friday, November 11, 2005

To Our Veterans

Thank you, veterans, for your service.

I know, I for one, am very aware and appreciative of the sacrifices made to ensure our freedom and way of life as Americans.

In college, a friend declared she didn't know what Pearl Harbor was. I was enraged. I said, "How the fuck did you get into college - and you don't even know what Pearl Harbor is?!" People were like, "God...big deal..."

Well, it is a big deal. If we had been in our early 20s in the 1940s instead of the late '90s, all the guys we know would have been away at war - risking their lives fighting for our freedom.

I know it sounds clicheed and all, but it's true.

Oh, and not to mention the fact that my Dad died as a result of his service during Vietnam. He got cancer from the Agent Orange the United States sprayed on the Vietnamese vegetation.

So, thanks veterans.

Ten Things I Hate About You


List ten things you want to say to people/someone, but know you never will.
Don't say who they are.
Disable comments.
Never discuss it again.

If you want to say something about my thoughts feel free. Just know I won't be revealing who I am thinking about, so don't ask.

1) You're a spoiled, clueless brat
2) You're not cute
3) You're jealous
4) Your "talents" are a f-ing dime-a-dozen, bitch.

5) Get over yourself for moving. You know you'll wind up back here.

6) The "real" Carrie Bradshaw would find you to be boring.

7) I hate it for finding a boyfriend right away.

8) I hope you fail.

9) You're the Rhoda.

10) I'm glad you're unhappy.

Go, Elephant! Sis boom bah...Rah Rah!!

WARNING: I'm on a tree stump.

Alright, I'll admit it. I'm a faggot Republican. Given my sexuality/generation/"audience"/friends, I'm hesitant to admit it, yet I'm not ashamed. In fact, I'm tired of being on the defensive about it. It's sad that I have to feel like this is yet, another, "thing" to hide from untrained ears, but it's true. This is not a "dig" on any, but I'm sick of feeling lambasted all the time by liberals. They clearly scream out their opinions left & right (and good - glad they do - it illustrates our democracy), but it seems that most Republicans our age shy away and keep their mouths shut. Why?? Because all of us, at some point, have expressed our opinion and, in return, have been literally yelled at for it. Lots of people in our generation seriously get angry when they discover a Bush supporter in their midst. I mean, violent. Others just become extremely vocal and declare their dismay. SO, to avoid hearing "What?? How can you even think that?!," most of we Republicans are kept in the closet. We only talk about it amongst ourselves.

Well, not I. Not anymore.

I'm a Republican. I'm so glad we are fighting the war on terror. I love big business. I love success stories like Trump's and Martha Stewart's (whether they're Dems or not). I love libertarianism. No offense to most of my friends, but I'm sick of liberals screaming their opinions on every street corner -- then myself feeling like I have to shut up & sit in the corner. I've just grown so weary of it.

I'm a recruiter. Therefore, my job/career relies on a healthy economy.

Yes, when G.W. was new in office, the economy busted -- I was laid off twice -- I had to change careers for a couple years because nobody was hiring recruiters. Was that G.W.'s fault? Certainly not. Did it have everything to do with a bust that no President could have prevented? YES. Did it have everything to do with the Sept. 11 Terrorist Attacks, which, by the way, were planned during Clinton's administration - ?? VERY. (I don't blame Clinton, but I'm sick of G.W. getting blamed for 9/11 -- he had been in office LESS THAN A YEAR!) If any president is to "blame," Clinton should be held just as accountable by anyone who points the finger at G.W. Anyway, the fact remains that our economy has rebounded and we are strong again. The proof lies in the fact that I'm busy hiring for new jobs and doing very well.

Before ye cast judgement, listen. My great-grandfather didn't support FDR...and he was a poor farmer in South Dakota -- so, you can see it's a family thing. I was raised Republican. Clearly, I don't support President Bush's opinion about the queers. But, really...this country has more to deal with than whether or not I can get my marriage recognized by the state/federal government. When society is ready for it, it will happen. And the church marriage thing? Moving to the other side: LISTEN YOU EXTREME RIGHT-WINGERS: we couldn't care less if your stupid church recognizes us. I want the goddamn right to see my partner in the hospital if he's dying of cancer (not AIDS - we don't all have it). Is that evil?? Is that going to make your husband/wife turn queer?? Ughh...that extreme conservatism frustrates me too.

Anyway -- Back to my own moderately conservative nature. In the meantime, I'd rather not see my Minneapolis IDS Tower (where I work), nor any other American city, be crashed in to by a plane. Fighting terrorism is what we should focus on.

Swear at me all you like. You won't change my mind - just as I won't change your mind. And don't even play the "uneducated" card. I went to college just like everyone else, and guess what? I studied my ass off and finished with a 3.6 GPA. I was accepted to law school (but decided not to go). So -- abandon any thought of my being uneducated and/or ill-informed.

I'm tired of feeling like I have to keep my mouth shut in order to appease the opinions of my peers. I won't do it anymore.

There - I feel better. Carry on.

Oh - and by the way, my Dad would have turned 59 today. Regardless of the message, I'm sure he's happy that I'm expressing my opinon. When he was teaching, he wore a button that said, "Impeach Nixon!" He wrote it on the chalkboard, too. I guess we're alike in our expressiveness.

Pride Weekend 2005

Yep, I told you it was gonna be a while before you saw any pictures. Anyway, here's some pictures of Minneapolis (Twin Cities) Pride Weekend - 2005. I need to get copies of Jeff's pictures, because we dressed up for Saturday in the Park. He wore a kilt with pirate shirt and big-ass "fuck me" boots and I wore my Roman Julius C. toga....those pics will come later.

In the meantime, here we are:

Image hosted by
Friday night. Trevor, "guy who wishes to be anonymous," Craig, Kiddo, Jeff, Danny, Bill at The Bolt

Image hosted by
The most fabulous fruit-fly, Bridget (who just turned 40), with Jeff and Danny - she's awesome. We drank together and listened to 8-tracks a few months ago. She brought her 8-track player out of the dust. Love it.

Image hosted by
Do I even need to comment?? After-Bar.

Image hosted by
The only decent picture anyone took the next day. Of course, it *had* to be Jeff and his roommate, S. Fucker.

Disclaimer: Anyone here wants their picture removed, let me know.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pitcher Show

Yep, it's Picture Page time, kids. Well, only two pages...but for me, that's a landmark. Posting them is such a pain when you have shitty software and a tendency to forget.

Ready for a view of Kiddo and some of his....gasp....relatives?!

Image hosted by
"We are fam-ily....I got 2 of my sistahs...a brother...and my momma with me...."
Yep, this is last December at my sista's (in black leather) 40th bday. We rebels decided to leave the hotel party at...11:00 p.m (woo)! My Mom is drinking a Captain Coke. My bro sang Johnny Cash. I just stood there and looked cute amongst a bunch of "Townie Harley People" as the other sister and I so affectionally called them. Believe it or not -- first time I'd been to a bar with any of my sissies. It was a special night.

Hail, Winona, Hail

Okay, let's just say that I'm posting ONE-YEAR-OLD pictures because I *hate* the Kodak picture editing thing and (obviously) procrastinate using it. However, I do like to share some visuals of Kiddo in action since so much of what I post is just verbal dribble.

I did crop these pictures, but stupid-ass Kodak software wouldn't let me save the edited versions. Anyone have something better??

Anyway, it's my "sorority sister" Jocelyn and me at the annual Winona State football game at Minneapolis' Metrodame Nov. 2004 – I think they played Concordia. We were drunk by kickoff. DAMN those tailgate parties!!

Image hosted by
Nice vest, Kiddo. What are you, in Red Dawn? Clearly a poor shopping judgement.

Image hosted by
During the game. Shortly after I spilled my beer on the dude sitting in front of me and I gave him $20 for drycleaning. All I really remember was that #20 was hot.

After the game, Jocelyn and I saw the, I'm pretty sure, oldest WSU alumni couple still alive. They said they met playing Ping Pong in a residence hall in 1940. Jocelyn and I said we, too, were married and met playing darts(?) in 1996. We're going to hell.

Oh. My. Gawd.

Yeah - remind me to not drink and blog at the same time. What the hell was that?! Geez...And then I decided to call ZeppGoddess at two a.m. No more Tuesday happy hours! Lordy...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lord, Jesus, help me...

I get out of control while drinking. On weekends.

Should I check into the Bette Ford??

Tawk amonst y'selves....tawk....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"God, is this a hint?"

I had a date last night.

We met online and have been chatting for a few weeks. Nice dude. Cute. 35. North Dakota native. Server at a nice restaurant. Just moved back from Chicago. Runs a lot. Found out he's a recovering alcoholic.

What is up with me and meeting guys who don't/can't party anymore?! This is my third one so far (in 1.5 years). It's not a big deal, but rather ironic, since my friends and I still party all weekend. Hmmm....

Anyway. I picked him up at his apartment in the area of Minneapolis known as Uptown. This is known for being the area that single twentysomething live in. The hipsters, artists and goth people like it, as well as the young professionals.

Anyway...he called me at work and the plans were very last-minute. So, he had already eaten and I was starving, but we agreed to go to Old Chicago anyway so I could eat. I thought he might get a beer, but he just wanted water. The conversation was good - no awkward moments. We talked about Chicago most of the time, since both of us use to live there (although I was only there for 4 months as an intern). But, it's always good to have a conversational date instead of staring at each other the whole time wondering what question to ask next.

Then we got back in the ol' Caddie and I asked if he wanted to go grab a drink or maybe get a movie. He opted for the movie, so we went to the "gay Blockbuster." It's a Blockbuster that has a lot of the independent films about gay we call it the gay Blockbuster. Anyway, it was here that I told him I go to movies quite often with my recovering addiction friend (b/c he doesn't go out anymore) and he said, "Yeah...I am too...I quit drinking 6 months ago." We didn't find anything to rent, so decided to just watch something at my place.

He chose "All Over the Guy," which is a few years old, but really funny. You should check it out. We watched it and chuckled quite a bit. We started to sit closer at the end, but never actually touched. I'm a big chicken when it comes to the first move.

So, the movie finished and it was about midnight and I offered to drive him home. Upon arriving, we hugged and agreed to hang out again - we both said we wanted to later this week.

We'll see...Oh, and what should we call him? How about New Guy? I'll name him later. If he turns out to be nameworthy.

A nerdy gay guy is set up on a blind date with a jocky gay guy by his good straight friend. The jocky gay guy's fag hag likes the nerdy gay guy's straight friend. Got it? Actually, it's pretty simple. It's the story of two men meeting, dating, running into problems and dealing with it. Alongside their story, their respective guy and girl friends, also meet and date. In between, they all discuss issues of love, life, relationships and their futures together. Love this gaymedy.

Richard Ruccolo plays hot Tom. LOVE him. Richard, if you're out there, call me!

Friday, November 04, 2005

I couldn't agree more

Sing out, Louise!!
Yeah....sing it, bitches!!

I'm going home and having a big, hard....drink.

(yes, I'm a 13-yr-old girl)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In Memory: Rosa Parks

1913 - 2005

The ordinary woman who sparked extraordinary change in this country, Rosa Parks, often referred to as the "Mother of Civil Rights," passed away last week at the age of 92.

I watched The Rosa Parks Story on, whatelse, Lifetime and I'm glad I did. I had obviously heard Mrs. Parks' story and knew of the Montgomery, Ala., bus boycott that she inspired, but not much else about her. I didn't really even think about her contribution to Civil Rights movement or her NAACP involvement. After watching the movie, I really saw how her refusal to give up her bus seat to a white person (and subsequent arrest) in 1955, sparked a chain of events that led to the end of segregation in the South...and equality throughout the country. Obviously, the struggle isn't over, but she was a very historic figure in this country who inspired much change.

Thinking about her story, is it really so wrong to see similarities between the African Americans' struggle for equal rights to those of gays and lesbians? I mean, we *are* treated as lesser citizens (because of a difference to the majority that is out of our control) and do not enjoy the same rights guaranteed to everyone in the U.S. constitution.

Anyway - that can be saved for another time.

For now, I would like to take a moment to honor Rosa Parks.

Also, if that lady who wouldn't let Rosa register to vote is still alive, I hope she is ashamed for how she acted. The bus driver too. And all the others who were so awful. It's infurating to watch movies like that...and embarassing.