Monday, March 03, 2008

I (heart) Wisconsin

During work on Friday, I decided that an impromptu visit to my old stomping grounds of La Crosse, Wis., were in order. I hung out there quite a bit from 2002 - 2004, before I moved to Minneapolis. Calls were made and I discovered that both Bill and Danny wanted to join me. So, I picked up Danny after work, ran home to grab a change of clothes, then we picked up Bill and were on our way to La Crosse - about a 3 hour drive.

Actually, nothing too exciting happened, but it was fun. Ran into the group of guys I used to hang out with and it was fun to see them again. We also wound up meeting a couple guys who were also visiting and went back to their hotel room....Well, Bill stayed in our room with some random dude he met. Sorry I spent a good amount of money on a room that I didn't even sleep in....Oh well.

Danny and I made it back to our hotel room just before we were supposed to check out. Then we proceeded to another bar I used to hang out at and had a couple beers in there while playing the fun juke box. I had to really limit myself to a couple since I was driving.....blah!

We stopped in Winona to eat on our trek back to Minneapolis and met a really funny group of girls who were about 27. They were actually freshmen at Winona State during my senior year there, but I didn't know any of them...

Roadtrips are fun. But my car is a freakin' mess inside now. Drunks are messy, I've discovered. And things just seem to be taming down a little bit now that I'm nearly 30. If it had been the same road trip even just a few years ago, I'm sure we would've wound up staying in Winona b/c I would've wanted to have 8 beers before realizing that someone needed to drive the car....Oh, the joy of getting smarter as one grows older!