Saturday, February 09, 2008

Traffic Can be Dangerous

The 2000 movie, Traffic, starring Michael Douglas and the always-lovely, Catherine Zeta Jones, was on TV last night. I DVR'd it (in case you're not familiar with DVR, it's the same as Tivo).

I had a sort of "flashback" while watching it this evening. Something I had forgotten about. Allow me to become Sophia Petrillo-esque for a moment, will you?

South Chicago - 2001
I was 23, a year out of college, and had just moved to Chicago from Minnesota. In a quest to find a job, I was using the computer lab at Moraine Valley Community College (somewhere in the south suburbs --- if you're familiar with Chicagoland, I was living in Oak Lawn at the time with a college friend and his roommate).

Naturally, my Internet job search also ventured into seeking a boyfriend and/or a few gay friends with whom to hang out.

On Gay.Com, I met a closeted Chicago cop. We started e-mailing back and forth.

After a couple weeks, I agreed to meet him at a total south Chicago neighborhood bar -- I think it was near Hyde Park. The people were all of Irish or Polish heritage, anyway...

Well, he turned out to be kinda interesting and good looking (even though he arrived about 30 minutes late). Hi -- It's a Chicago cop. I didn't question his timeliness. We agreed to go to his house to hang out since it was kinda loud in that little bar.

The first thing that struck me as kind of odd was that he insisted that I was a college student. I reminded him a couple times that I had actually finished college the year previous. Then, he said that on our way to his place (we drove seperate), that I should go into the liqour store and buy beer. Not just "some" beer, but a 12-pack of Heineken. At 23 and unemployed, buying Heineken was like buying Giorgio when Designer Imposter would suffice. Also, he's 31 and gainfully employed, yet tells me to go buy expensive beer....I should have just kept driving home.

Well, we get to his place and I "listen" as he proceeds to explain to me the intricacies of being a closeted Chicago cop and how annoying it is to see the "Gay Cops" float in Pride parades, etc. Being 23, in new city and pretty inexperienced, I just thought "whatever."

THEN -- he proceeded to keep calling me college boy and kept insisting that Minneapolis sucks compared to Chicago and how the skyline in Minneapolis has nothing on Chicago's. I did manage to declare: "Well, first of all....I'm not from Minneapolis. I'm from Minnesota, but not the Twin Cities metro area, so I don't really care. Also, I'm not a college boy anymore. Finally, I would hope that Chicago is "better" and has a more impressive skyline, considering it's about 2-3 times bigger than Minneapolis / St. Paul."

With that, we put in the movie Traffic (a very good movie, BTW).

Then, yes, I did wind up hooking up w/ his Gay Chicago Cop arrogant ass.

In my own defense (if I'm even allowed anymore at this point), he did call me a few days later and I didn't call him back.

So, anyway, the movie Traffic just reminded me of that little story.

PS /// South Chicago cop, Steve --- We don't care if your skyline is better. Jerk.