Saturday, October 13, 2007

THIRTY --- 30! --- It's near....

I'm 29. And I have been since March. I've quite obviously known, for some time, that age 30 is fast-approaching. Yes, my brother (who's one year older than I) turned 30. And other friends from my high school days, who were also in my brother's grade, have now turned 30. It didn't really hit me.

Until today. My childhood friend and classmate, Kevin, turned 30 today. I didn't celebrate with him or anything...Lord, I haven't even seen him since we were about 21...But I woke up today knowing that October 12th was somebody's birthday...I knew it was someone I had known quite well. Then it hit me. "Kevin is fucking THIRTY years old today!"

"Oh. My. God. I'm going to be THIRTY on my next birthday?! --- THIRTY?!?"

Mind you, it's not that I think thirty is old. It's just that thirty was always the age that 'adults' were. I never pictured my friends and I being grown-ups. We don't even look like the people on that '80s show, "Thirtysomething!"

Do we??

I suppose teenagers probably do think we look old. And that we ARE old. Ugghhh....when did that happen?? The last I knew, we all had flat stomachs and were drinking illegaly in a cornfield. Now....we're just 30 (well, I'm still 29, mind you).

Anyway - I think the whole turning 30 thing is starting to hit me now.

As Scarlett O'Hara would say, "Well, I just won't think about that now....Tomorrow is another day!"

And, tomorrow, I'll still be 29.


  • Since 40 is the new 30 that means you can be 20 on your next birthday.

    By Blogger Ang, at 11:03 PM  

  • I saw your comment on AmyD's blog and I wanted to say sorry about your friend on the bridge. I'm glad to hear they are okay. I'm in Minneapolis as well (small world), but was fortunate enough not to have it affect anyone I know. Anyway, just thought I would stop by. BTW, I feel you on the 30 thing. I'll be there in January. Such a weird thought!

    By Blogger shayze, at 8:21 PM  

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