Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well, Hello.....Bloggie

Wow. It's been a while since I've been in town, huh?? I don't expect any of my old faithful readers are around anymore...and I only have myself to blame. Oh well. To each, our own, I guess. At least my "Goonies - Where Are They Now?" post is still very well-frequented.

Well, it's 2007 now. And, much to my dismay, nothing is new since the Autumn of our year of late (2006).

Here's what I've been up to:

- Pause
- ummmm....
- Well, not much!


I didn't think so.

Let's think, shall we??

I don't hang out with Jeff or Danny much anymore. Jeff is still with his jerk boyfriend who shuns anyone who drinks. They still break up once every couple weeks -- when Jeff wants to go out. Danny finally dumped his loser boyfriend (also named Jeff, with whom I had a stormy relationship, if you recall). Danny is now dating the keyboardist from Air Supply (I'm not kidding). Danny and his friend Jill follow him all around the Midwest (apparently Air Supply plays at a lot of Indian casinos these days). Oddly enough, the keyboardist's "real" boyfriend's name is also Dan...Danny followed his dream and became the other woman.

Jessica moved to Colorado with her boyfriend. We still communicate via phone.

And me?? I said before...nothing new in my little corner of the world. I'm now living vicariously thru the characters of: "The L Word," "The Sopranos," "Big Love" and "Oz." All of which are on HBO and Showtime "On Demand" lists.

Wow - I feel like I just wrote a little Christmas update on the life of Kiddo78. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Oh, by the way ---- In remembrance of my Dad's father, who just died, RIP Grandpa!!
--- His funeral was Monday. My eldest cousin took control of everything at his funeral and left the rest of the cousins to feel like we didn't even know him or have any memories (because he didn't raise us and buy us jeans, cars, etc., like he did for her and her little brother (who is now nice and not the Devil like his sister)) --- SHE wrote the "memories of grandpa" eulogy and didn't ask any other cousins to contribute their memories. Thanks, Eldest Cousin (who shall remain nameless)!!!

As long as I'm venting....can I add a couple more tidbits of info about her???


She stole stuff from my Mom (jewelry, etc.) as a child and blamed it on me because I was a baby....She was a stripper at some dive in the '80s - very classy. Then, a few years ago, when some distant cousins from Sweden e-mailed me for our geneaology information to put on, bitch cousin actually CALLED and made them take our family tree off the Internet - because she wasn't 'comfortable' with "private information about HER family" being online....she then even tried to get me fired for posting it (no lie). Did I mention that she was a stripper at a trashy place??


Anyway --- so, now you're caught up on me.

Oh - and I'll be 29 on March 12. Geeeeeez-us......Oh well.


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