Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy (Belated) New Year.

It's 2008. The year I turn 30.....Yay, me!

Christmas was once again a drama. My eldest sister attended for the first time since 1997. Not due to distance, but just having no desire to go. Well, it only took a couple hours for tears to be shed and the "I'm leaving" announcement. Another sister managed to calm her down and she stayed. I would have been rather disappointed if nothing like that did happen, truth be told. It's never a true all-family get together for us until someone says, "What's that supposed to mean??" (I stole that line from Ellen, by the way)

Anyway -- It hit me this year that my Mom is getting older and not wanting to do Christmas the same way I remember since as long as I can remember. There were fewer gifts...a couple of our traditional foods were missing....the huge Christmas tree replaced with a medium-sized. Kind of sad, really. I can see how older people don't really enjoy Christmas anymore.

Christmas 2057 -- I'm 79 years old and alone (still) -- my last boyfriend dumped me 50 years prior. I haven't had a significant other over the holidays since 2000.
Most of my siblings are now dead. I imagine that one of my nieces is hosting Christmas this year. The niece yells to her adult children, "Somebody has to go get Uncle Kiddo78! We can't forget again like we did last year! He's all alone, you know!!"
A great-great nephew sighs and is burdened with driving to pick me up.
I've been ready to go for 3 hours and am almost annoyed that "Titanic" is on TOOCMC (The Old Old Classic Movie Channel) and now I won't be able to watch it for the 2,395th time. But, satisfied that I have watched nearly the entire marathon of "A Christmas Story" on TMC, I shuffle to answer the door when I finally hear the great-nephew pounding on it with a brick.
I let my great-nephew help me to the car.
"Oh, great," I think. "I can smell that one of his kids vomited in here this morning."
We ride in silence.
All I want is the warm food and a piece of pie and a blanket. Then I'm taken home with my gift of a jigsaw puzzle (and I'm nearly blind) and some slippers.

Wow -- that's a nice thought to look forward to.

I can't wait until Christmas 2057!

OH WELL --- New Years was okay. Danny and I went to a party at his friend's condo downtown. Fun, but nothing really to write home about. I did almost throw the host's cat to its death off his 20th floor balcony, but I was scared to go too close to it, for this cat is of the devil and certainly evil. I started calling it "Lucy," short for Lucifer.


  • alright, your posting,I am posting...let's make it a resolution because yours is already a best of 2008... your foreshadow of christmas to come was hilarious !
    I've missed all my bloggers so much!

    By Blogger Stacy, at 1:50 PM  

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