Friday, September 30, 2005

Warrior Homecoming

Am going back for Winona State Homecoming this weekend. Will be with college chums Jocelyn, Mike, Amanda and Michael. We were too lazy to book a hotel room in advance, so believe it or not, I'll actually be CAMPING at a place called Prairie Island. No laughs, please.

Jocelyn and Mike actually have a huge tent...complete with different rooms. As Shelby would say in Steel Magnolias, "They're simply outdoorsy is all..." I'm just praying to god that the only time I enter is to sleep and that their dog doesn't also sleep in the tent. Yick. At least they're bringing an air mattress for me.

Tomorrow we will arise early for a Saturday and head to the WSU bookstore, where we will need to purchase sweatshirts. Then it's off to the convenience store for a big glass 1/4 full of soda - the rest will be full of booze. No parade is complete without Captain Morgan and Coke.

Then I imagine we'll grab lunch somewhere. A little later, we'll go to the field and watch the first quarter of the game. Yes, I said first quarter only. After that, it's back downtown for bar action.

I love going back to Winona for Homecoming...lots of young alumni come back for it and you always wind up running into people you know, or at least people you remember seeing at the bars and on campus during college. There's one girl I see every year and we always say, "what's your name again??" We did the same thing every weekend in college. I think her name is Katie.

Anyway -- go, Warriors!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

God bless DVR and Mary Tyler Moore

I made the best discovery EVER earlier this week. Mary Tyler Moore is on a local station (I think) every night at 7:00! And it's still in Season One!

I love Mary Tyler Moore Show. I work across the street from her supposed building.

The Midwest Center in the ol' days...

In fact, I can look right down down at it from our office windows. In later seasons, they show Mary on the escalator and having lunch in my building, the IDS Center's Crystal Court.

The Crystal Court of IDS Tower

If only she really did live in Minneapolis. We could share clothes. I've been needing a new chain belt...

Of course Rhoda and Phyllis are fun to watch too.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hair Loss and the Twenty-something

I started to lose my hair at 19.

Picture it: Spring 1997. I'm vigoursly studying for a PolySci final at my desk during freshmen year at Winona State. I'm going over the notes I took during lecture and chapter reading sessions - absolutely convinced that I was going to confuse all the "isms" I had learned that semester. Suddenly, somewhere between Marxism and McCarthy's Communism, there it was. Or should I say they? A few strands of hair semi-blocking my view of the type.

I was losing my hair.

It obviously bothered me enough to leave a lasting memory, but I didn't think much of it at the time --- nor, the other times throughout my frenzied nights of stressful studying during college, when stray hairs would appear upon the words of Walstonecraft, Dante, Faulkner, etc.

In fact, I even snickered when others would kid my boyfriend, who was 11 years older than I, about his own emerging bald spalt at the crown of his scalp.

Fast forward to 2001:
I arrive at my sister's house to greet her and my 2-year-old niece. I bend over to pick up the little toddler.

Sister: OMG, Reid -- you're losing your hair??

REID: Excuse me?? I'm 23.

Sister:'re losing it.

Dropping said niece and darting to the bathroom mirror, I discovered that I had a crown of my own. An unwelcomed crown. Horrified.

Boyfriend: You've had that little crown as long as I've known you (2 years). It hasn't gotten any bigger, at least...??

Granted, it's not like I'm BALD on the crown -- but...thinning. At the tender age of 19 it started.

Life just isn't fair.

If I had been in my early 30s when discovered, it would be an accepted, yet unwelcomed, discover. But, still...not surprising. But, at 23?? And to realize it had begun at 19??


Since then, I've accepted it. I see a good looking man and notice his good looking'ness. Then, a while later, I notice that his hair is receding and/or thinning. He's still good looking, right??...

Is it really that big of a deal??

Or am I just self-justifying??

Really -- is it a big deal to some people? Would they rather I have a big Afro?

I hate Mother Nature.

Or...maybe I don't. I still get plenty of interest...

Friday, September 23, 2005

A weekend of hijinx

Tonight, Amanda and Jocelyn (sorority sisters of mine) are going to a lil' place in Minneapolis' warehouse district called Lili's, which features vintage burlesque entertainment "ladies" from the 1900s thru the 1960s. Should be...interesting. Apparently it has been quite a success. They suggest arriving at 9:00, or earlier, and the two-hour show starts at 10:00. If I'm lucky maybe a pastie will land in my drink. Okay, I just threw up a little at the thought of that.

The Ladies of Lili's

Tomorrow friend Angela (the one I worked with when I first moved to Minneapolis) and I are heading down to good ol' Rochester for an appointment at Mother Mayo (Mayo Clinic to those of you non-locals). Kidding. We're going for another old co-worker's party. This co-worker is named Linda and she reminds me of Nina VanHorn from Just Shoot Me. She's a riot. And kind of a bitch, which is why we get along so well. Linda's a native Californian and went to college in Hawaii, so she's a bit out of her element in Rochester, MN. We manage to have a good time, though. Of course the booze will be flowing generously. Can't wait to party with all those people again.

Wendy Malick as Nina V.

Sunday I'm meeting up with a friend of mine in Minneapolis. We're going to see the drag show at the Gay '90s, which is always entertaining. Seriously, if ever you visit Minneapolis, you should check it out...the place is a dump, but the shows are pretty popular around here. Especially for you "straights." In fact, we queers joke around that you can't meet any dating potential there b/c it's all straight people. But I say WELCOME and am glad people like it.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

ALSO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOTBABE!!!!!!! You make 29 fun again.

Beat It

I love the '80s station on Yahoo Launch.

Today I heard Beat It by Michael Jackson, which was the first cassette tape I ever owned. My high school-aged sister, who lived in Wisconsin, sent it to my brother and me in the summer of 1983. Oh, how I loved that tape. We listened to it over and over.

My friend Ryan had the Thriller video, which petrified me (werewolf). For months (and I mean months), I was a'scared to go in the bathroom at night because of it. And venturing down to the basement after dark? Forget about it...

Turns out Michael Jackson really does have a knack for terrifying children. Creep.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Move over Rita, Tammy's on the way...

From the AP:

There are only four names left for tropical storms and hurricanes this year: Stan, Tammy, Vince and Wilma. After that, names switch to the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and so on through Omega, if needed.

Hurricane Tammy?? I just can't picture it...just doesn't seem like the name for storm or hurricane.

Will it come ashore whistling the tune of Stand by Your Man by Miss Tammy Wynette? Will it be wearing a lot of eyeliner and fake eyelashes like Tammy Faye Baker-Mesner? Will it be drinking beer and smoking like ZeppGoddess?

I just can't picture a hurricane named Tammy.

And how can they be out of names? I bet I can think of a few for them if they need more...How about Hurricane Milly? Tropical Storm Bob? C'mon National Weather Service, it's not that hard!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Walking in the city

Walking in the city can be very annoying. Here's some tips to survive a serious tongue-lashing or dirty look from yours truly:

1. HURRY UP. Don't assume because you're on a leisurely stroll that nobody behind you is in a hurry. If you must walk slow, stay at the edge of the sidewalk near the street (warning: I may push you) or against the buildings. Ever notice that everyone seems to be passing you? Then move your ass over.

2. You may walk side-by-side in pairs, but never more. EVER. Otherwise, you are in the way of people coming toward you, as well as behind you. If you and your three friends insist on being like Carrie Bradshaw and her girls walking in a horizontal line of four, then at least be prepared to momentarily break the chain for oncomers who would otherwise have to dart around you and your stupid friends. When walking past a restaurant that sets up tables outside, creating the sidewalk to lose much valued room, it is not wise to even walk side-by-side. You don't need to take up the whole damn sidewalk! Warning: I might accidentally toss some hot coffee at you.

3. Do NOT stop in mid-stride to look for something in your purse/bag, look up at the tall building, etc. Quickly, yet carefully, merge to the edge of the sidewalk before you stop walking. Warning: Doing otherwise may cause you to be pushed into a passing bus.

4. Turn down your IPod, etc. I know you really enjoy that song, but I don't. Neither does 95% of the sidewalk traffic.

5. Get rid of that freakin' huge umbrella. It's a monstrosity and you bump people with it. Get a normal one.

6. Get your kids home at a decent time (before 11:00). Especially if they're of middle school age.

7. I'm not interested in your cell phone conversation, so either pipe it down or shut it all together.

8. Either carry your little children or put them in some sort of cart. Let's face it - they're small and clumsy and just generally in the way when traveling a busy sidewalk.

Thanks. And have a nice trip.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Happy Birthday, Bloggie

My blog tuurned one year old on Saturday. Crazy!

It all started with PlanetDan's montage of bad senior pictures. I received it as an email forward from a friend of mine who said, "I'm pretty sure you're the one who wrote this..." Then I started reading Dan's blog a lot and enjoyed the comments section. Then I started looking at HotBabe's and Stacy's blogs too. Soon I joined the party. My first post was written on a Friday night at my old apartment in Rochester, MN - home of the infamous Mayo Clinic.

In the past year, I got fired from old company and found a job in the Twin Cities, then moved to Minneapolis. Lost that job as well and took a job with another firm, which let me go for suspicious reasons, then started current job - which is going much better than the last two.

I turned 27.

I've had countless bad dates and other disappointments in that arena.

My car died and I had to start driving a '92 Cadillac.

The blog that is most often visited via Google searching is about the popular Minneapolis drag queen, Roxy Marquis.

The most comments I've received (22), I think, was after getting fired this past June. Maybe because the title had the F-Bomb in it.?.

I went to North Dakota - the extent of my travels during the past year. Pretty sad.

I slapped one person. A slow year.

Well, here's to another fun-filled year of documenting a story that would otherwise go untold. And probably rightfully so.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The good ol' days...And exorcism

Remember the days when I was able to frequently post new information about the happenings of my life and read & comment all about yours?? Well, those days have been few & far between lately. I'm sure you know why - work.

Suffice it to say that I've gotten some hires and my boss is happy with me. But I miss the ability to blog at work! The last thing I want to do is get on the computer when I get home at night too. So, I guess this is the current situation. Maybe when the weather starts to get cold I'll be home more and will have the desire to get back to my old self.

Anyway - JD and I have been seeing each other quite a bit. He's the one who moved to Minnesota to go to Hazleden. He's better now than he was when I first met him, but he still takes the prescription meds sometimes. Oh well. I don't care - we get along well and he's cute. Danny met him the other night, then proclaimed his love once we got to the bar (JD went home).

Nothing else is really new, I guess.

I think I'll get some Chipotle for din-din. I love their chicken burrito bowls.

Oh, JD and I saw The Exorcism of Emily Rose on Monday night. It is freakin' weird/disturbing! You must see it. We're thinking of going again, but I don't know if I can handle another night of waking up every 30 minutes convinced that the spirits of Cain and Job are in my apartment. I even woke up right at 3:00 a.m. once. Watch the movie and you'll find out why I almost started crying at that point...

Speaking of apartment - I'm not moving. I liked the one that looks like it belongs in England, but would end up spending a little more each month, which really defeats the purpose of moving in the first place. One more year of apartment living and I'm buying a condo!!

"I am the one who dwells within...." YIKES!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Apartment hunting??

When I moved to Minneapolis last fall, I got a deal for signing a 1-year lease that saved me $50/month on rent. Now that deal is expiring *and* my rent is going up an additional $30. So, I'm looking around to see if I can find something as close to downtown, but a little bigger for about the same price. I don't want to give up my dishwasher and free parking spot either. I've been looking at apartments online all night and am beginning to wonder if the hassle of looking at apartments, then packing and moving is even worth saving $80/month...I have seen a few that I want to at least look at. As if I haven't been busy enough at work lately -- I miss my blogging!! But now I'm too tired to catch up on all of yours. This phase will pass, I'm sure...

I looked at this place last fall. It reminds me of a college campus, what with the quaint courtyard and ivy-covered brick buildings. The apartments are from around 1940 and cool, but the bedroom closet is tiny. You know a gay man can't have a tiny bedroom closet. Although...I do only wear about 8.32 items of clothing currently in my closet...**begins deep thought - gets headache**

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Boating was a No-Go

The weather reports were great for the weekend, however Mother Nature decided not to cooperate. The skies were overcast on Saturday and it was windy, causing the waters on Lake Pepin to become a bit choppy. Then it started to sprinkle so my sister was adamant that we get the hell outta there. It rained & rained Saturday night and in to Sunday morning. Instead of going boating and laying on the beach as planned, my Mom, sister, niece and I went to a couple little antique stores in the river towns near Lake City. One was way up on a bluff - a gay couple had purchased the farmland and farm house on top of the bluff to save it from townhouse development. It had wonderful views of both the Mississippi River and Chippewa River - where they come together to create Lake Pepin. Leave it to a couple'a gays to save an old farm because of its view of the Mississippi River Valley! My Mom just chatted up a storm with the one guy as she purchased her things, so he invited us on a tour of the grounds and to enjoy the view. He and his partner are from Minneapolis and apparently have tons of money...Anyway, it was interesting to run in to a gay little antique store/farm house/orchard on a country road on top of a river the middle of a field...WE'RE EVERYWHERE!!!

PS/// Happy Birthday, Gloria Gaynor!! Coincidentally enough, "I Will Survive" has been in my head today - go figure.

Friday, September 02, 2005

It's Here!

I'm counting my blessings that my home and belongings aren't devasted like the poor people in the Gulf States...I gave money to the American Red Cross today. You can too. It's kind of cool -- through, but goes to the Red Cross and you can see the total people have donated through Amazon.

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Y'all!!

Life isn't too bad lately. Sure, I've been oh, so busy at work (like you care) lately and haven't had much time to read blogs, but hey -- it's the Friday before a long weekend and I got paid yesterday and my boss told me to leave early today!! Last Friday I had 2 hires, so he threw me a $20 bill at 5:00 and told me to go have happy hour on him -- now that's what I call a good Friday!!

I think I'll go out tonight and try to get to my Mom's at a decent time tomorrow. My sister will be there with her husband and my niece for some boating action. You see, my Mom lives in a town called Lake City, MN. It's on a very wide part of the Mississippi River, so wide, in fact, they call the river Lake Pepin in that area. Confusing, I know, but a lake nonetheless - a lake that's 20 miles long and about a mile wide. Waterskiing was invented on this lake in the 1920s (seriously). Anyway, my sister and her husband keep their boat at my Mom's, so we'll be tooling around on that all day Saturday and Sunday. We park the boat at a sandbar, have a few cold beers and lay out. It's very relaxing. I love Labor Day Weekend!

Enjoy yours!!

A view of Lake Pepin

Another view

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Princess Diana - 8 years already??

Princess Diana :: 1961-1997

Yesterday (Aug. 31) marked the eighth anniversary of Princess Diana's death. Strange that it's been nearly ten years already.

I remember that day, Aug. 31, 1997. I had just moved back to Winona the day before to begin my sophomore year at Winona State University. I rented a small house with friends Matt, Aaron and Scott (the same Scott who recently got married and crushed my dreams). We had partied pretty hard the night before to celebrate being back at school and I slept until about 2:00, I think. Anyway, my roommate didn't even tell me. I came out to the living room full of horrid furniture (we even had a leg lamp like the one on "A Christmas Story"), sat down and saw a picture of Diana with "1961-1997" underneath it on TV, then Dan Rather came back on to keep reporting about her death. I yelled, "what the fuck?? Princess Diana *died*?!?!" Matt said, "Yeah - fuckin' weird, huh?" It was a shock.

When I went to England (and Scotland) in 1999, I stayed at a hostel right by Kensington Palace, where Diana lived and where everyone put flowers. People were still putting flowers there two years later...

I wish she could have become Queen - better than that Camilla, anyway!

Oh well. What about you? Where were you when you found out she died? Poor Princess Diana...