Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm Goth now

How appropriate that Spring has come to Minneapolis and I change my profile picture to that of one Azrael'ish goth punk. Let's just say that it expresses my thoughts on coming back to reality from Jamaica. With peeling skin. I seriously didn't know your calves could peel from sunburn. Well, they can.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm baaack....

Got back from Jamaica in one piece. It was a good time. Pretty much just cocktails at the beach and poolside bar the whole time - suprise, surprise. Oh, and the wedding was very nice too!

If planning a trip to Jamaica, I would not recommend you stay at Sandals Ocho Rios resort. It was still nice & all and I liked the bungalow style rooms, but there just seemed to be something missing...a few of the staff seemed "put off" by the guests a lot, there weren't many boating options offered (they only do a booze cruise twice per week), we had to wait for dinner service much of the time, the beach wasn't that great, etc., etc. It was still nice, but just seemed like we should have gotten more for the money we spent. I have heard that Sandals' resort in Montego Bay is really nice, however.

* My friend Mike and I flew there & back together. We saw Hulk Hogan and his family at the Miami Airport. Mike even got a picture taken with him. I'll post when I get it. Hulkster is really nice.

* 15+ hours door-to-door to get there and about 14 coming back --- NIGHTMARE

* At the poolside bar one day, it was discovered that I went to elementary school with someone else sitting at the bar back in tiny Dodge Center, MN!! She was a grade below me and moved away after 4th grade in the late '80s, but we remembered each was really quite strange. I know some people hate this term, but I think it's appropriate to use: Small world!!

* I got sunburned on my shins of all places!! My legs have never burned before, so I didn't really bother with sunscreen on them. NOte to self: put sunscreen on all body surfaces when that close to the Equator!

As usual, pictures to follow in about six months when I get them developed.....

The daughter was with him too...I forget her name. Have never seen that show yet...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jamaican Me Crazy

Wow - the blog world is dead lately. Are we losing our will to blog??

Maybe my vacation will inspire, for I'm flying to JAMAICA tomorrow morning! Am going for college chums', Jess & Paul's, wedding. Paul and I were roommates and had a big party for Winona State's annual *and now defunct* SpringFest '98, where I introduced the happy couple.

Good friend Mike and I will be flying and sharing a room there together. I guess we're going to a Sandals resort called Ocho Rios. I'm excited, but don't really know what to expect since the whole place is geared toward couples' activities. Hey, with the all-inclusive rate (free booze), I'm sure I'll manage to have a good time!

While you suckahs are toiling away at work, etc., I'll be thinking of you while enjoying a nice pina colada on a sandy white beach.

Now let's just hope I can get to the airport by 4:30 in the morning tomorrow! Yikes!!

PS // The Boy from New York City and I are still doing well! I found out he's 46. Not sure how my family will react to that if the time ever comes to introduce him, but it doesn't bother me...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Devil in Orange

This stupid f'er has been on mind lately, what with his trial and all. The expletives he yells in the courtroom, like "God curse you all" make me sick. Then again he's just digging himself deeper.

I don't understand their magnitude of hatred and evilness. I guess we aren't meant to...

Hearing those poor peoples' phone calls to 911 while trapped in the towers that day is so sad and disturbing. I guess I stupidly never really realized that it was unbearably hot in there, hence some victims' decision to jump out rather than suffer the heat a moment longer.

I hope bringing Zacarias Moussaoui to justice for his part in 9/11 will bring some comfort to the surviving families and friends of the victims. Although, some say executing him is what he is hoping for in order to achieve glory for the "cause" and martyrdom. I think it would be more shameful to him to spend the rest of his life confined by "infidel" Americans, don't you?

Hard to believe it's been nearly five years since that day.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Meg be here

Meg is here from NYC this weekend. Should be a fun time.

She flew in to Minneapolis this morning and thankfully another college friend of hers was able to pick her up and hang out until I'm done with work. We'll probably grab some din-din downtown and maybe go to happy hour somewhere.

Tonight, we shall see the illustrious '80s cover band, "Hair Ball," at some dump in a dump of a suburb called Hopkins. I saw them in Winona once and they really are pretty good/fun. They do all '80s hair band music and dress up like the groups they are covering, like Motley Crue, GNR, etc. Too bad ZeppGoddess isn't here. Another time!

Angelo and Bobby are apparently going tonight too, but I don't think they're really fans of the bar scene, so we'll see if that happens or if they make it very long. God only knows where the night will take us.

Tomorrow night, Meg and I are bringing Angelo and Bobby to see the drag show at the Gay '90s. They've never gone yet! I think they'll be surprised by Minneapolis drag queens (since they're from NY). I hope they have fun. God, please let Roxie Marquee do some good Madonna...and I hope someone does Shirley Bassey. If so, Bobby will certainly pass out in shear bliss.

Meg wants to go to Beer Bust/Showtunes on Sunday afternoon/evening. I guess this is her uber-gay weekend! I'm thinking Meg is trying to avoid the straight MN boys. Either that or she is a bit transfixed with the gay MN boys. Who knows. I'm just glad she doesn't want to see the shower contest at The Saloon.

BACKSTORY: I've known Meg since I was a senior in college. She was a wee lil' Freshman. She was the front desk girl at the campus office we worked at and was quite the freshman in every sense of the word. We had to send her home once due to her attire -- or lack thereof. I also like to tease her about asking the other employees and me (we were all seniors and 21-22 yrs old) if we've ever been to the bars in Winona. Anyway, we kept in touch while she was still in college and now, a native or rural Wisconsin, she's a career girl braving the Big Apple - she's an associate editor for a major publishing house. And to think I knew her when she was 18 and boy crazy...she videotaped my ass at a party once, so that tells you how boy crazy she was. God help her if that tape is still in existence somewhere.

Anyway, it's not quite 4:00 and I'm already fidgety for happy hour. Clock, hurry up!! I need to relive some college glory!!

This is Meg and me (with a guy named Clay) at a party in college - she and Clay got well-acquainted that night, I believe! Shame, shame...

ALSO - need to give a shout-out to the girls from my hometown of Dodge Center, some of whom recently discovered my blog, I believe!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

But ya ahh, Blanche, ya ahh....

Bette Davis - April 5, 1908 - October 16, 1989

Happy Birthday to my favorite bitch, Bette Davis!!

If you haven't already, you must see her in Jezebel, All About Eve, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte - to name a few.

Go on - git!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

...Talk about the boy from New York City...

Well, the guy I met last Sunday and I spent the week and weekend together. He is a laid-off flight attendant for Northwest Airlines (not the flamboyant kind) who moved here from Brooklyn last summer. Then NWA laid him off -- how typical of them.

Anyway, let's call him Angelo, shall we (since he's from Brooklyn and 100% Italian)??

He has a 4-bdrm house in a suburb called Eagan. I spent every night there for the past week. His best friend, Bobby, moved here from Brooklyn too. They are a riot. Everyone they talk in front of is like, "Are you from New York?? Why did you move here??!" Yep, they've got the Brooklyn accents. Bobby even refers to the Mall of America as the "Maul of Americas!" They wanted to live in the suburbs after spending their whole lives in Brooklyn. They love it. Angelo is still amazed when he wakes up to birds chirping, ducks quacking and geese flying overhead (he lives by a pond) instead of horns honking, Spanish music, shouting, etc., like he was used to in Brooklyn. He jumped in fright the other day when he saw a rabbit out of the corner of his eye. He thought it was a rat.

Anyway, he's good looking, well-built, works out, funny, nice, smart, affectionate and we get along very well. So far, so good anyway...

I have a suspicion that he's a little older than his Internet profile says, although we've never come right out and talked about it. His birthday is tomorrow, so I think that would be an appropriate time to tactfully say, "so, how old are you anyway?" He's in his 40s...which doesn't really bother me. I mean, I was kinda thinking I'd like to date someone in their 30s, but I've been in Minneapolis more than a year now and he's the first one I've met where there's a mutual connection, so that's the way it is, I guess. He looks, acts and dresses like he's in his 30s, and I like him, so that's what really matters, right?

Had a pretty quiet weekend, really. Went to his house Friday after work and the gym and got to meet the TWO cats he adopted that day - orange tabbies that are brothers. We named them Byron and Boris. We spent the evening having a few Captain Cokes and listening to his gigantic CD collection with favorites by Nancy Sinatra, Petula Clark, Helen Reddy, The Carpenters, Mamas & Papas, '70s One Hitters, etc. It was fun. On Saturday we met Danny at the Uptown Bar & Cafe and had a few beers for happy hour, then just went home and crashed. Lazy day yesterday. A relaxing weekend. The one sad part is that Boris ran away - either that or he found one hell of a good hiding spot. Poor thing.

So...that's about all that's up with me. It's moving pretty quickly. I'm already doing laundry at his house tonight...

You can just call us Mary and Rhoda, as I'm the native small town Minnesotan and he's the native Brooklynite - both living in Minneapolis. It's pretty coincidental since I'm a huge MTM Show fan. I think it's funny, anyway!!

We'll see...

sickening, i know...