Thursday, March 31, 2005

Meme, anyone?

I came across a couple guys' (PJ in England and Brechi in DC) who have a meme posted. I had never heard of it before, but apparently you go through the alphabet and say whatever comes to mind first based on the letter. Anyway, I'm bored as hell at work and thought I'd give it a try. Here goes!

A is for Abercrombie Twins, Lane & Kyle Carlson. They are both fellow Twin Citiesans (?) and Winona State alums. I didn't know them in college, but Lane played baseball and I saw him a few times. Cute.

B is for Borderline, by Madonna. Love that song. In fact, I think I'll go play it while I do this.

C is for college. I wish I were back there. I'm *so* going to be one of those people who says, "back in the day..." Oh well, at least I'm still young.

D is for Double Dare on Nickelodeon in the '80s. We loved that show. I always got mad at the idiots who kept falling down during the obstacle course at the end. Get some coordination, you imps!

E is for Elephant. My Mom gave me a stuffed elephant for my sixth birthday on March 12, 1984. He stood like a human and wore blue corduroy coveralls and cap. He was cute. I wonder whatever happened to him...?

F is for Fuck. I agree with PJ, the word has endless possibilities and is really very useful in so many situations. Good word. Strong English word.

G is for Gym. Now that spring has started to sprung, I'm feeling like getting back in to my routine. I really do miss that feeling you have after a good cardio and weight training.

H is for Harry Potter. I refuse to take part in any of it, only because it is so hyped and anything that sends 10-year-olds into fits of pre-pubescent bliss really gives me the creeps. Plus my ex-boyfriend read all those books and I made fun of him for it daily, as I was a "brainy" college student reading Dante's Paradiso at the time. Like I remember any of the cantos now...However, I did read an essay test I wrote for that class and was actually impressed, like "I wrote that...??"

I is for me. There's always an I on my team. Speaking of that...those motivational posters people hang in their offices are annoying to me for some reason. Just get to work! (As I sit and type this - but, hey - there's no work to do right now!)

J is for Jemima. As in Aunt Jemima. Click on the link I put in the sidebar for a kind of funny site that features Aunt Jemima carousing with Oprah and Martha Stewart. I love the picture where s/he gave Aunt Jemima pigtails...

K is for Kharma, who apparently hates me this week. I was frauded (is that a word?) and locked myself out in one day. Hey, Kharma - if you're reading this, what the hell did I ever do to you, lady??

L is for La Crosse, Wisconsin. That is a fun college/river town. Wild, fun people live there. And it's in the beautiful Mississippi River valley. I kind of miss living in that area...

M is for Math. I am bad. I forgot all algebra. Right after college, I interviewed for some random business job at PayChex and had to do a math test. I had completely forgotten everything about algebra. The guy actually had a good chuckle. I was not amused. Stupid algebra.

N is for Nelly Oleson on Little House on the Prairie. She had the most annoyingly high-pitched, nasaly voice. What a brat she was! I loved it when she was faking the need to be in a wicker wheelchair and Laura pushed her down the hill on it!

O is for Oprah as Sophia in The Color Purple. One of my favorite parts is when Millie, the mayor's wife, goes up to Sophia and says, "Your children are so clean...Would you like to come work for me? Be my maid...??" And Sophia says, "Hell no." Millie: "What'd you say to me...??" Sophia: "I saaaaid, hell NO!" Gets me every time...

P is for Peppermint Patty. I had a friend named Kenny in first grade. I made him call me Sir, much like Marcy has to call Peppermint Patty. By the way, what the hell is Peppermint Patty?? Is that thing a boy or a girl...??

Q is for Quiana, my friend we affectionately call Kiki. She was the one who said her arms got so big from lifting forks to her mouth when some Canadian farmer was mesmerized by her big "muscles." She is a hoot.

R is for Reid. A very good name in my opinion. It is my name, my Grandma's maiden name. This family's lineage is traced back to John Reid, who came here from Wales in 1750 - or somewhere around then...

S is for Salinger. J.D. Salinger, in fact. I'm reading The Catcher in the Rye right now. Can you believe I have never read it? And I was an English minor! I'm really liking it so far. I think Holden Caufield is very endearing and cute.

T is for Teletubbies. That baby in the sun scared the bejesus out of me, but my nieces sure liked it. And I love the whole debacle over Tinky Winkie. Of course he's gay! He's carrying a G.D. purse!

U is for Unicorn. How do people become so enthralled by them? You know, those people who have glittery, shiny stickers of unicorns? I'm guessing it's somehow linked to the Dungeons & Dragons kids who were always hanging out in the lounge at my dorm. Frankly, I was a little frightened of, and certainly disturbed by, them...

V is Vageline. Seriously, when I was in high school and worked at Budget Mart (convenience store like 7-11) making Hot Stuff Pizza, that is what the spray was called we used on the dough press. We called it the Vagelina.

W is for Wonder Woman. Oh, how I tried to spin & spin in an effort to transform into her "helper" during the early 1980s. I also put a jump roap around my brother (the Nazi) to make him tell the truth. Then I'd leap off the coffee table with my special jumping powers and bend a stick with my super strength.

X is for Xanadu by Olivia Newton John. Wow, rollerskating was popular in the '70s.

Y is for Y-Generation. I've read a lot about the X-Generation and all sources say members are born at different times. I, being born in 1978, am either at the tail-end of the X-Generation, or the front end of the Y-Generation. Several articles have said that Gen X'ers were born from 1964-1980, but others end it at 1975. What the hell generation am I?!?!

Z is for Zeus. Classical Mythology was one of my favorite classes. Plus, a lot of those muscley gods were seducing young guys. Zeus is a chicken hawk!!

There -- and there you have some random rants from me. In the words of that lady from the gum commercial, "Excellent!" She is cool.


  • oO...another LIST activity! They are so fun to read!!! Work is slow this week so I have become a blog addict...I am so glad you gave me Friday's assignment. :)

    By Blogger walktrotcanter, at 7:35 PM  

  • Liking the list idea! have got my blog up and running again! Will wander through your list this afternoon (work's a bit slow) and hopefully post in a wee while. Tx

    By Blogger boy wonder?, at 5:31 AM  

  • I understand the Gen-x /Gen-Y problem you face. I always thought I was a Baby Boomer (holy sh*t I just dated myself) because I was born at the end of '65. Then people started saying that Gen-x started in 1964. Holy cow, no wonder I am so dysfunctional. How am I supposed to fit in when I don't know who to fit in with?

    Do you think that kid would have called you sir if he had known you belonged to Gen-Y?

    By Blogger Ang, at 1:42 AM  

  • Catcher in the Rye put me in a bad depressed funk at the end. But it's one of my favorite books.

    Apparently I'm at the tail end of being Generation X. I hate that the movie that is supposed to represent my generation has to be Reality Bites. Not that I don't like Reality Bites, but I don't want anything with Ethan Hawke to be associated with me in any way whatsoever.

    By Blogger dan, at 2:25 PM  

  • "Reality Bites" always makes me want to smoke. Winona Ryder just smokes & smokes & smokes throughout that whole film...I do like that movie. Especially when Geneane Garofolo (sp) does the "coming out" video w/ what's his name. Ha -- I need to buy that.

    By Blogger Kiddo78, at 3:11 PM  

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