Monday, November 01, 2004

U-Haul is EVIL

I think Satan is the CEO of U-Haul. Long story short - they are just a bad, bad company. Think being on hold for more than an hour (because I had to call them about 5 times). If given the option, go with Ryder or another moving company b/c U-Haul will give you a big headache. Seriously. Ick.


  • Yeah, I think we went with Ryder when my husband and I moved. They all suck but Ryder was cheaper for us. Which was big since we were moving from DC to MI and it cost an arm and leg to rent a truck for that long.

    I'm considering just ditching my shit the next time we move. The last move was one of the top 5 worst days of my life...and yes...I have a list of those as well. I like lists.

    By Blogger lynne, at 5:48 PM  

  • I don't envy your Saturday in the least. I picture you plotting the demise of U-Haul at your dining room table with an empty bottle of gin next to you. Hmmm...

    By Blogger hot babe, at 5:49 PM  

  • HaHa -- no empty gin bottle, but I certainly was plotting their demise! I even found the PR director on their website and sent an email to her. Then, go figure, I got a response from some lame, general customer service person. U-HAUL is HORRIBLE!!!!

    By Blogger Kiddo78, at 6:40 PM  

  • u-haul is a good buisness. i work for u-haul and first thing you came to us. second you signed the contract. if the truck breaks down its because they go all over the u.s and canada and its not like you bought the truck, at least it's not your car. plus other people drove it befor you. your not the only person that moved with that u-haul. and when you call us for the breakdown and we tell you its a customer caused situation that means its your fault your the dumb ones who probally put the wrong kind of gas in it where does it say ''dieseal'' in ''unleaded'' it dosent. third you don't read the messages in the truck. when people call us they say the truck wont start its mostly because starting a gas truck is different than starting regular cars the instruction are right in front of your face on the visor.and when we tell customers that and they still dont no where its at then its not u-haul fault its yours for being stupid and not paying attention to the people at the u-haul pick-up location when they clarly explain how to start the truck. plus it dosent matter we still got your money if you look at it that way. i do because your money is my pay check so ha ha u-haul is cool with me shit. and when you call in and you want us to send someone to fix your truck and demanding stupid request like i want some money for my time wasted shit i want money for the time your wasting of mine, my time is when you call me think about it hmmm. maybe i should have all my paper work with and no my location. people call in and we ask them can i have have the ''area code and phone number from which you are calling'' why the fuck would you give a zip code unless you can find zip code in the sentence area code and phone number from which you are calling then'' ya you can say im dumb but i doubt you will find zip code in those couple of words. and when we ask for location and somtimes people dont no the state there in i think you are officaly dumb come on now how do you not no what state your in, and those mile markers on the interstate their not their for looks there to no where you are at in case this kind of thing happens[breakdown]. when people call in demanding a mechanic to come right now shit you are not special unless your first name is god or you have PRES. OF THE UNITED STATES in front of your fist name other than that you are not special shit. o its hot and im out on the road really o let me drop every thing for you just because its you and your hot. really no shit it summer time. o' really your on the side off the road thats great, its because your truck broke down. but remember you signed the contract. man theres so much i can say about people that talk down to u-haul but hey we did not put a gun to your head and say you better move with a u-haul truck or you will die. you came to us shit if you dont like the u-haul trucks that great just you wont make us loose any money shit u-haul has been in buisness for 55 years and there is people who read the papers we give them and they listen to the instructions and it all ends up alright for them.hmm i wish i knew why o' maybe because the have common sense. and people that dont understand are dumb what the truck confusses you or what. anyway we only provide truck thats why its call u-haul it means -you yourself moves the shit we only have the trucks the u is a clever way to say you haul your own shit-duh. if you dont like u-haul shit just buy a bunch of cars and put your shit in the trunk and move it yourself and then we will see who is buying a u-haul to move there stuff chances are its going to be you again........

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:20 PM  

  • kiddo78 your a fag no wonder why u-haul was a bad moment for you, you probally no scrath that you cant even pick up a box its more than likley its to heavy for what makes you you think you can operate a HEAVY duty truck chance are you mom could probally drive the truck. see thats whats wrong with this world today i mean shit you got guys who at like females and are pussys that probally got picked on when they were little or something that made them act all girly feamles have tittys. not deep voices that sounds like a girls ya i bet your dad is real proud of you.i no for a fact that my dad would not be.what do you do on fathers day i bet you try to call your dad but he answers and hangs up and i bet he cries liuke you when you break a nail or something. being gay should be crime-punishable by death. i think me and your dad agree.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:28 PM  

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