Friday, October 29, 2004

I have a feeling daddy will be going away for a while...

Okay, I should've written "Kiddo" instead of 'daddy', but it's a line from the original Vacation and you just don't mess with lines from that movie (even though I probably didn't get it exactly right).
ANYWAY --- I'm in the midst of packing stuff I don't want to throw away, yet don't know why I'm keeping. Including my dishes, furniture, etc. Packing sucks. I'm not moving again until 2006. This is when I'll be buying a condo/townhouse...and 2006 is when I have my ten-year reunion, so I don't want to go there w/out at least owning a house. ALthough, why should I care? Most of my classmates are still living in the hometown area - nothing wrong with that, but just not for me.
Okay, fine...I'll get back to packing. Probably won't be on again until Monday...
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Hope nothing scared you too much, HotBabe & Lynne. I know what will scare me -- a Warrant 'concert' in Columbia Heights (a friend of mine calls it Columbia Frights, so I'm already thoroughly petrified...even without "She's My Cherry Pie" playing in the background). Lynne, Columbia Heights is a horrid suburb here in the good ol' Twin Cities. BUT...Hairball is opening and they are fun. Plus my '80s-obsessed friend Tammy is joining and has been dying to see Hairball. Wish me luck...this happens Saturday night. HotBabe, Dan, Stacy & other Twin Cities - IF you should happen to go, I'll be the one in the Roman gear. Just yell, "Hey, Dionysus!!" Tammy is dressed as Janis Joplin and my co-worker friend might be with us dressed as a kitty. God, we're weird. Anyway, CHEERS!


  • Hope you have a great time Kiddo! Make sure you drink lots of wine to get into Dionysus character. Plus you'll need the libations to enjoy Warrant.
    Even so,it sounds like you'll have a more exciting Halloween then me. I'm planing on going to my siters to help her pass out candy to the kiddies. Well, maybe she'll hand out goodies while I hide in the bushes and spray punks with the hose. Hey, if I'm not having any fun, why should they?
    Can't wait to read everyone's blogs when they return
    from the crazy weekend!

    ps-good luck with the move. Just moved 6 months ago so the suckyness of it is still fresh in my mind.

    By Blogger lynne, at 10:40 PM  

  • I saw Warrant when I was 16 at Sommerfest in WI, so I don't anticipate going Sat night. But I am tempted just so I can hang with the god of wine. But, alas, I have a wedding in St. Cloud. So I'll be spending Sat night baracading my hotel room door since you got me all creeped out about hotels- and once midnight hits, it'll officially be Halloween. So if there was ever a time for Norman Bates to come looking for me... thanks. I used to not be afraid of hotels at all.

    Good luck moving. I hate moving. I now hire movers, but I still do all the packing. That's still the worst part. But I'm done trying to bribe family & friends with food & beer to help me move.

    And I didn't have a house by my 10 year reunion last fall, so no rush. Just make sure you look better than you did in high school & end up making out with some guy from your class by the ice machine in the hotel where the post party is held. Hummm, seems vaguely familiar...

    By Blogger hot babe, at 11:26 PM  

  • I hope Norman Bates didn't find you...I'm scared. Michael Meyers, thank the lord, didn't come looking for me. I'd die of a heart attack before I'd even have to find a hiding place, so that's kind of relieving.

    By Blogger Kiddo78, at 4:53 PM  

  • Oh, and I can think of a few h.s. classmates who are still on my "To be Made Out With" list...I just hope there's an ice machine there!

    By Blogger Kiddo78, at 4:54 PM  

  • Oh, there's always at least *one* ice machine... And I want all the juciy details during your post reunion debriefing in 2006.

    By Blogger hot babe, at 5:50 PM  

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