Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I never thought I'd see him again...

So yesterday while Brad and I were asleep, there's a knock at my door. It was only then that I remembered that a plumber was scheduled to arrive to fix some sort of pipe in the wall of my shower. My bedroom door was shut and I knew the plumber had a key to get in, so I just thought I'd be cooperative and let him use the key & go about his business. This happened once before when he was trying to figure out what was causing the water in my downstairs neighbor's apartment...he just knocked, let himself in and did what he had to do. Nope - yesterday it was a new guy and he proceeded to knock on the closed bedroom door too! And opened it! He shut it pretty fast when he saw two guys sleeping in the same bed. Later, while he was removing tile, sawing and pounding and clinking around, Brad and I both woke up and made out for a little while...a couple times I could tell that Mr. Plumber had exited the bathroom to get stuff out in the hallway. Even later, I noticed that he hadn't shut my bedroom door the first time! Wonderful. A stranger getting glimpses of me in just Adidas shorts making out with someone. I wrote it off as, "Oh well, I'll never see him again..." Except, he was back to finish up the tiling this morning and I had to knock on the bathroom door and ask if I could get in there to use it quick. He just left the apartment all together instead of waiting in the hall! Maybe he was surprised that I was there alone...Anyway, one more kind of embarassing story to add to the list. Only me, folks -- only me.


  • Oh no!! I hate those awkward strangers coming into your place to fix something.

    By Blogger katie, at 2:40 PM  

  • OMG- I would have been mortified. I don't need "the help" seeing me scantily clad while making out with anyone.

    By Blogger hot babe, at 2:58 PM  

  • I think it's hot.

    By Blogger denverboy, at 3:18 PM  

  • Watch out...he might be one of those secretly gay guys who secretly wants to make out with you.

    By Blogger ab, at 4:39 PM  

  • sounds like the plumber showed up looking for another sneaky peak, or an invitation....

    By Blogger boy wonder?, at 6:03 AM  

  • I never know how to act when a repair guy comes to my house. I try to act all casual. Then I wonder, should I offer them some water or something?

    If he didn't close your door then I'm pretty sure he was curious as to what was going on in there.

    By Blogger Biglug, at 9:00 AM  

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