Saturday, April 23, 2005

Everybody's working for the weekend!

Oh wait - everybody's working for the weekend except ME! Wondering why I haven't posted much lately? Does the fact that I'm working my second Saturday in a row give you any clue? Here's the scoop (I didn't want to post about it earlier for fear of jinxing it, but now I could actually give a rat's arse): If you remember, I'm a junior recruiter for a technical consulting firm headquartered in NYC. I work from home in Minneapolis for their San Francisco office (even though there is a Minneapolis office too). One of our team of 6 senior recruiters resigned a week & a half ago. Upon this, I e-mailed my boss and our VP to let them know that if they were going to replace that senior recruiter, I was interested in taking his spot, as I have a total of about 3 years experience as a junior recruiter and am ready to move on. After a couple days, my boss starting giving me job orders to fully recruit - that means, post the job to internet job boards, search for matching candidates, do phone interviews and put them through the process, including formatting resumes, paperwork, etc. So, at the time, I'm thinking "hey - I think I got promoted!!" So, I worked my ass off last weekend finding candidates to submit to the client for my 2 open job orders, which I was able to do. Then, during our weekly conference call with one of the head honchos in New York, I found out that they are trying to get some lady to take the available spot!! Someone in San Francisco, who 2 of the senior recruiters know (Oh, of our original team, there were 3 in SanFran, one in Portland, one in LA and two of us in Mpls, so being remote is not an issue for them), is thinking about joining our team.

So, I'm basically taking on the work as if I've been promoted for a few weeks and not getting paid for it and now it looks like I won't get promoted yet either. This is bullshit. I better at least get some sort of gift certificate for helping out and being set up for disappointment. Oh, the joys of corporate America!! Oh well, I'll take corporate America over the public sector any day. Working at a state university blew - with all the gross politics and being polite all the time (I worked in fund-raising for more than a year at my alma-mater). You have to suck up to EVERYBODY when you work in that environment. I am just not good at that. I can't even fake it. I'm a Kennedy, dammit!!

Okay - so like any of you care, or are even reading anymore, but I just needed to vent! Sorry. Now I need to think of something good to post to try to make up for this.


  • Fuck them! It seems pointless that they should groom you for the position then pass you by! There could be greatness to follow!! Tx

    By Blogger boy wonder?, at 3:45 PM  

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