Friday, May 05, 2006

Reunion in Jamaica

This is me at the swim up bar in Jamaica with that girl I had gone to elementary school with. I still can't believe we saw each other - and realized who we were (without recognizing faces).
Yep, this was after our second full day on the beach and at the pool bar. I'm just a little red. That usually happens to me - it was a good tan by that evening.
T., if you happen across this and don't want your picture on - email me.


  • Awww. You guys look so cute. Looks like fun. Did you hang out for any length of time or just say, "hey"?

    By Blogger Twinkie, at 5:44 PM  

  • I think every bar should be a swim up bar. There's nothing better than standing in a cool pool of water with a drink in hand as the sun beats down on you. Since it was an all-inclusive hotel you didn't pay, so how did you tip the bartender? ;-)

    By Blogger VeryApeAZ, at 6:16 PM  

  • I recently re-connected with a girl friend from high school, turns out she's a lesbian now. Of course I knew that WAY back when but I still acted like I was surprised. : )

    By Blogger potusol, at 1:35 AM  

  • look really fit! Good work!

    Oh, and I hate you for having that tan. So what if I really don't...I really just want a tan, that's all. ;o)

    By Blogger AmyD, at 1:17 PM  

  • hi...i just got around to reading my comments, i'm so used to boring spam thta i don't even read them much. I don't know exactly where the house is, address wise(off the top of my head at least). But were you around for the Seeds COOP? The symbol was a orange rising sun? That was my grandparents too and the house is a stree over. Thanks for the comment!

    By Blogger Fallin Raine, at 11:30 AM  

  • Such a cute pic! This post makes me long for a vacation!

    By Blogger Matt S., at 2:48 PM  

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