Thursday, June 09, 2005

Where was I in...

I was just thinking about something that happened 10 years ago and decided to try to figure out what I was typically doing at this time 5, 10, 15 and 20 and 25 years goes nothin':

2000 - 5 yrs ago
I was 22 and had just graduated from Winona State University a few weeks before and was still working on campus as a writer for the PR office, very part-time. I was living with my older stylist boyfriend (of a year) for the summer in Winona and going to many interviews in the Twin Cities for general "you need a degree for this" jobs. I couldn't find anything entry-level in my major, Public Relations. I bought my first suit. I drove a red 1990 Pontiac Grand Am. It needed a whole new exhaust system and was louder than hell. I was missing my friends who had moved away after graduation (most of them).

1995 - 10 yrs ago
I was 17 and living in my hometown of Dodge Center, MN. I had just completed my junior year of high school and was working at a convenience store called Budget Mart in Dodge Center, where I was still forced to make pizzas and sandwiches in the deli instead of being allowed to work as a cashier. About this time in June, I attended Boys' State at St. Olaf College in Northfield. That's where two boys were picked from each participating Minnesota town to spend a week on the campus, living in a dorm, learning about the state government and such. It was hell, and hotter than hell, but I do remember there being a lot of hot guys there too. My roommate was kind of a dork - I think his name was Warren, so go figure. I spent all free time in our room listening to the radio and sleeping. St. Olaf did have a very pretty campus. I hated the athletics stuff we were supposed to partake in every day. I would sneak down to smoke a few times a day and usually found someone else down there smoking, whom I befriended. The kid they elected governor was a total dork. I didn't run for anything. In all, I guess it's safe to say I didn't get much out of Boys' State, except an appreciation for Army men, two of whom were "counselors" and in their 20s. Boys' State is run by the American Legion, so all the counselors are veterans or enlisted. I had a crush on a fellow Boys Stater named Noah from the Saint Cloud area. He's the one who made me realize that, at the time, you needed to wear a white T-shirt under all shirts. Also, he had some cool sandals, so I went and bought some right away upon returning home. I wonder where he is now.....Anyway, I drove a navy 1988 Jeep Cherokee at the time. I partied a lot that summer with friends/co-workers Shelly and Missy who were 18 and 20. I got served in a bar for the first time. Well, we'd go to a local bar with older co-workers (who were 21+), say I was the designated driver and my friends would put shots in my glasses of Coke. Then I actually got served at a TGI Fridays in Rochester.

1990 - 15 yrs ago
I was 12 and had just finished 6th grade at Dodge Center Elementary. My friends and I were eager to start at the newly formed Triton Junior High School that fall. This was probably the first summer that the girls and boys all hung out together. We spent a lot of time walking around town or riding bike to each others' houses to just sit around. I think we probably still played baseball and basketball at the playground and spent some time at the local pool. But, by the time you finish elementary school, you're getting a little too old to hang out at the pool. It was considered a great day if you were allowed to join a "high schooler" for a cruise around town. This was usually the older sister of one of us. This was the summer that I had girlfriend. She lived out in the country of the neighboring town of Claremont. Her name was Michele. I met her on some field trip we had to take with the Claremont kids that spring - oh wait, she was the friend of a girl I met on that field trip - Michele wasn't actually there. Anyway, my friends Scott and Juan and I rode bike to Claremont to visit Stacy, Michele's friend and Scott's girlfriend. Stacy and Michele got a ride to Dodge Center one day from a guy named Micah and Michele and I held hands the whole day...duh...while Scott and Stacy were heavily making out. We loved Madonna's "Vogue" and MC Hammer that summer. I remember going to see "Ghost" that summer as well. I think I had to go to some nightmarish basketball camp that summer too. I hated that stuff because my brother (year older) always got the MVP trophy and I would get a "Participant" ribbon -- or "Best Attitude." My sisters would get a good laugh out of the best attitude award since I bitched the whole time. The coach just felt sorry for me because my brother was MVP and I was horrible. The friends I hung out with most were Ryan, Juan, Kevin, Stan, Tim, Carin, Jenni, Natalie, Mandy. Now Mandy lives in Mpls and I still talk to her quite a bit. I just went to Carin's second wedding; Natalie is the mother of three and I think Juan is in jail. Wow, what 15 years can do. My Mom drove a blue 1984 Buick Park Avenue and my dad had a tan 1984 Cadillac El Dorado.

1985 - 20 yrs ago
I was 7 and had just finished 1st grade at Dodge Center Elementary. My Mom drove a silver 1980 Buick Riviera and my dad had a brown c.1980 Toyota Celica. My life in the summer consisted of going to the pool, the summer reading program at the library (I was a total book worm from about 7-13), stealing two quarters from a bowl on my Mom's dresser to visit the candy counter on Main Street every day, and hanging out with my friend Kenny. This was back in the day when kids didn't go to daycare past the age of 6 - at least not in a small town. Kenny lived a few blocks away and I'd spend most days at his house playing - mostly on their swing set. I loved when his mom would ask if I wanted to eat lunch there. My Mom worked, so I guess I'd just eat a peanut butter sandwich every day if I didn't eat at Kenny's. We tease my Mom about it now - that my brother and I had to fend for ourselves to eat lunch! We all did that, though - most Moms worked. Kenny's Mom stayed home and would make a good lunch every day. Anyway, Kenny was pretty much my only friend at that age who lived close enough to hang out with. I made him call me Boss and taught him how to swear. I had to start T-ball that summer and I was scared. My Mom had even bought me a glove. I walked to where practice was being held, by the pool, hid in the bushes for several minutes and went back home proclaiming to my Mom, "it's over already." She said, "get back out there and play ball!"

1980 - 25 yrs ago
I was 2 and living in Lake City, Minnesota. My hair was so blond, it was white. Besides my Mom, Dad and brother, Judge, also living with us were: oldest brother Rob (21), sisters Becky (17) and Melissa (12). Rich (19) was in the Air Force and sisters Kristen (15) and Marylee (14) lived with their Dad, my Mom's first husband, in Wisconsin. So, we still had a houseful at the time. I remember watching The Brady Bunch with my brother Rich, who must have been home on leave. He liked to give us popsicles and would tell me to "shake a leg." A bird got in our house and my Mom and sisters freaked out. My babysitter was Jackie down the street and she was really mean. I cut my arm on nail, while dancing around to the Popeye theme, and there was a big scab on it. I picked it at (hi, I was 2), it bled on her harvest gold carpet and she slapped the hell out of me. I remember watching Woody Woodpecker there. I wandered down the street to our neighbors' house and they were Harley people. They said, "well look here's here to party!" when I rang their doorbell. My brother and our twin neighbors, Josh & Noah, were playing in these woods behind their yard and a parachute guy landed nearby. My brother also remembers this. We have no idea why he was parachuting, but he talked to us. My sister and her friend, who had a little sister my age, were listening to records one night and the little girl started dancing. They tried to get me to dance too, but I was too shy. We watched The Dukes of Hazzard, then Dallas every Friday night. My Mom bought me some grape Hubba Bubba gum and I loved it so much that I ate the whole pack at once. We had a silver station wagon with wood paneling and a black 1978 Ford Elite. I'm surprised I remember so much...

If there's any time later, I'll try to scan some pictures from 2000 and 1995...I don't know if my scanner works.


  • I like your jog down memory lane. It's funny the things you end up remembering. I hardly remember being 12! That awkward stage was just so awkward for me!

    By Blogger Biglug, at 8:33 PM  

  • Love it! The things you remember are classic...the "Best Attitude" one is my fav.

    By Blogger walktrotcanter, at 5:34 AM  

  • great post - i'm almost afraid to ask why juan is in jail.

    yes, we want pictures! (screams the peanut gallery)

    By Blogger Brechi, at 12:06 PM  

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