Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Memorial Day Wknd - hazy memories

It was a wild holiday weekend. I still feel like my body is recovering and my internal organs hate me.

Friday: Went to The 19 Bar with friend/neighbor, Mike. We wound up going to an afterbar in suburb Bloomington with a bunch of people. Some young guy and Mike were talking quite a bit. We were outside to smoke and whenever I chimed in some witty remark, the young guy looked at me like I was insane and/or stupid. I think he thought I was a threat to his potential with Mike. Then he rolled his eyes at one point. I slapped him. Hard. He left. I feel really stupid and bad about it. I mean, what if he was just shy and didn't really know what to say to me? I'm still guessing he was just being snotty, but lord - did I have to get all Alexis Carrington on him?? I'm still dumbfounded that it happened. Yikes. Anyway, we woke up the next day like, "ummm...where the hell are we??" The guys who witnessed the slap were like, "that was awesome!!" Duhhh...I *slapped* someone?!? I'm really not that queenie. Just watched a few too many '80s night soaps, maybe...

Saturday afternoon: Watched "I (Heart) Huckabees." I chuckled a couple times - didn't think it was that great. Also got my oil changed. While that was being done, I walked to Target and then ate lunch at The Newsroom on their little sidewalk eating area. Some good people-watching. Then friends Danny and Jeff called to see if I wanted to hang out at Jeff's in St. Louis Park. So we hung out there for a while and then went to Park Tavern that night. Nothing really exciting happened, but still fun. Kept saying, "I see straight people...."

Sunday: Danny and Jeff call to see if I want to meet them at Figlio in Uptown for appetizers and beer. I was really tired, but agreed since I wanted to take advantage of the fact that there was no work on Monday. We had a really good time talking there. Danny was mad because he had to work at 11 p.m. He dropped Jeff and I off at The Bolt for beer bust. It was so packed in there, could barely move. Including on the outdoor patio. I finally screamed, "if you don't smoke, get inside!!" Nobody listened. Jeff's roommate, Sh., met us and then we were off to the dive bar, Brass Rail. Instead we decided we were hungry and ate at a smarmy little pizza joint off of Hennepin Ave. Jeff only goes after he's been drinking and can never remember the name of it, so he just calles it Oogley Boogley -- he's one of the most funny people I've met here. THEN, we went back to Park Tavern, since it's close to their house. I met three girls outside smoking and they wanted to hang out with us all night. One of them pronounced her love and gave me a glowing bracelet. They were fun. Jeff and I stayed up until about 5:00 a.m., I think. Ughhh....But he's cute and now I'm deciding that I have a crush on him.

Monday: Bill text messages me to say that he and his roommate, Craig, are having a BBQ at their house in the far extreme of Minneapolis, right by Brooklyn Center. Jeff calls to see what I'm doing and I invite him to come with me to Bill's. A fairly good number of people were there and we had fun sitting in the sun, eating and having a few beers. Everyone thought Jeff was really funny - and cute. He wears cool clothes and then will top it off with something fun like a cowboy hat. I like his taste. And by that afternoon, I decided that it would be most appropriate for us to be an item. He was summoned by his friend Don to a BBQ in St. Louis Park, so we left Bill's at about 6'ish and headed over there. It was a group of older gay guys, probably in their 40s, who all seem to be very well-established. Don, the owner, started some design company a while ago and now has more money than God. I was surpised to see my hot, hot friend from Rochester days, Luke, there with his boyfriend. Luke is my age and also from the Rochester area. He moved in with Eric (about 38) a few years ago. Eric was hitting on me first the night they met, I might add. But Luke is pretty much the best looking gay man I've ever met, so I didn't blame Eric for swaying that way the night we met. Anyway, it was fun to see them again. Jeff and I left at about 8 or 9 and headed back to my house. I had stopped drinking sometime before in order to drive. We were supposed to meet Bill and crew at The '90s, but neither Jeff nor I felt like going back downtown. So we changed and walked down the street to a straight bar, Mortimers, on Lyndale Avenue. Then trudged back to my house and sat up & talked. He did ask if I thought we should date...also if I wanted to go to his reunion with him in his native North Dakota next month. I'm not sure if he remembers any of this...We did end up fooling around a bit, but there might be a problem b/c Danny has a crush on him too, but Jeff already told Danny that he just wanted to be friends.

And the high drama continues....

Jeff was sick yesterday, but we talked briefly at night. He works until 11 tonight and I don't know what he'll do then. I'd like to see him though. We'll see....he left his new button-down shirt from the GAP and his cowboy hat here. Maybe on purpose??

I hung out with Danny last night and he admitted that he still had a big crush on Jeff and that he loves hanging out with him, but knows that Jeff just wants to be friends. Danny doesn't know, I don't think, that Jeff and I got to be a little more than just friends over the weekend. Yikes. I'll let Jeff decide what to do, I guess.

What to do?? Any advice?? I don't think Jeff and I should be stopped from pursuing something since we both seem interested, but don't want Danny's feelings to get hurt either.


  • You LIIIIIIIIIIKEEE Him...You want to have his BAAAAAAABIIIIEEES. Okay, maybe not.

    I say - if Jeff doesn't want to date your friend Danny, then he's probably fair game. I don't have much dating experience though - so what do I know? If I was in the situation I'd probably date him depending on how strong my friendship was with the other person. Because real friends get over stuff like that.

    I think if you and I hung out we could get in a really girlie slap fight and it would be so entertaining. I'd even get a weave for the occasion so you could pull it out.

    By Blogger Biglug, at 9:20 AM  

  • Wow, your life is so much more dramatic than mine!

    I almost never get to slap anyone. Almost...

    By Blogger PJS, at 9:59 AM  

  • I can't beleive you slapped him! I would've paid money to see that. But I still think throwing a drink in someone's face is much more dramatic. Then they're humilitated *and* all wet. That's mush worse then just a little red faced. Good thing it was a gay boy, though. A straight boy would have fought back.

    By Blogger hot babe, at 10:44 AM  

  • Don't roll those eyes at Reid. WOW. Sounds like it was an awesome weekend drama and all.

    By Blogger Christine, at 11:50 AM  

  • I still think throwing a drink in someone's face is much more dramatic .I was in the situation I'd probably date him depending on how strong my friendship was with the other person

    By Anonymous promsale, at 1:18 PM  

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