Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Cute, Cute, Cute

Nothing exciting on Friday or Saturday -- just hung out w/ my Mom at her house in Lake City. Talked to Ryan a couple times and we made plans to have another date on Sunday evening. We met at Southdale Mall and ate at Ruby Tuesday. He informed that he spent three hours doing cardio that afternoon -- and weight training -- at the gym in his building. I said, "I ate fries on both Friday and Saturday..." Then, proceeded to assure him (and myself) that I like going to the gym in spring & summer. God, I hope he doesn't really notice and/or mind that I could stand do a few thousand sit-ups...Anyway, I ordered a wrap with only 400-some calories - I forgot to ask for a salad and got fries, which I kindly ignored. He had salad bar. I paid and we had pretty good conversation...except, he informed that he's moving to San Diego -- well, he wants to and is thinking about it. My heart sunk, but I don't think he really will - but why would he say that? Is that a hint?? Anyway, then we went to Marshall Fields b/c he needed some Clinique face soap from the men's line - I didn't know Clinique had a men's if my family doesn't spend enough money at the Clinique counter between my mother and sisters...I think the Clinique ladies in Rochester know my Mom by name. Anyway, I noticed the gay boys in the mall checking Ryan out every 3 seconds, which is always fun. I just felt fat and pale. So, that errand being done, we proceed to the theatre, where he wanted to see The Aviator, except we missed it by 20 minutes, so we decided on The Wedding Date with Debra Messing and that cute Dermot Mulrooney -- it was "cute" -- seemed like a Julia Roberts-type lead movie...but we both enjoyed. It takes place in London and I kind of leaned over and said, "awwww....I wanna go back to London...." and he smiled at me and said, "okay," like he'll buy a plane ticket next week. That was kind of cute. And when did I start saying things, besides guys, are cute?? Anyway, we kind of leaned enough to just have our elbows touch on the arm rest, but that's all. We were sitting pretty close together when the lights came on and the redneck girl in front of us kind of did a double-take when she got up!! I suppose it's not every day that you see two guys at a date movie and sitting really close. I should have kissed him, then she'd really have something to call her friend about. So, we walked back to our cars and he said he didn't think he'd have to fly at all on Monday (already flew 75.5 of his 80 monthly hours for February), so he'd call. We hugged. I was hoping he'd want to "watch a movie" at his place, but no such luck....I'm wondering if he's not really interested -- my friends say it sounds like he is just taking things slow. He did call yesterday to say that he did, indeed, get called to fly - to Flint, Michigan - and I think he stayed there last night - then something about Buffalo, NY today and god knows where else....He better call tonight. I hate staring at the phone willing it to ring...why do I do this to myself??? Ughh...well, 90210 is on the Soap network now, so it's time for my lunch break (at 4 pm)!!

Apparently, the movie was originally called Something Borrowed....?


  • That's cute! I wonder if he brought up moving to San Diego just to see how you would react. Like, would you be all sad to see him go. He sounds so sweet, though.

    By Blogger ab, at 4:29 PM  

  • Three hrs of cardio that afternoon + weight training? What is he, a machine? You should've eaten the fries.

    By Blogger hot babe, at 5:36 PM  

  • You should have totally kissed in front of her.

    Last time Erin and I went ot the movie, there was a couple of guys in front of us. The each had a tub of popcorn and got a second one through the film. I was amazed. One tub a piece is a significant feat, let alone two.

    After the movie, I asked. "Double feature today huh?"
    He replied "Uh, What? 'Scuze Me?" and did a head shake at me.
    I wasn't prepared for his gay powers of confrontation. I sheepishly looked down, put on my coat and left.

    It was a little immasculating

    By Blogger BigDubb, at 9:45 PM  

  • Woah, Something Borrowed is a WAY better title, even though I would never see that movie in a bazillion years. Man hollywood is stupid.

    By Blogger dan, at 12:40 PM  

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