Saturday, February 19, 2005

It is Saturday, after all...

I've been lying on the couch all evening (I was in bed all morning and afternoon). I decided that an evening/night vegging on the couch sounded pretty good. Now it's 10:40 and I feel like I maybe want to go out. It's Saturday. I'm (still) 26. I'm single. I'm bored. Yes, I think I'll call Bill and see what he's doing after work. There's gotta be somewhere around here that will take a credit card...Last night, I met my brother and some of his friends at Elsie's Bowling Center and wound up spending $70 ($20 of which was on cabs). It was an okay time. At least I got to see his hot *lawyer* friend, Matt, whom I've had a crush on for ten years. Some new people were there and I kept getting introduced as "this is Judge's brother." (Yes, my brother's name is Judge -- long story). The funny thing is that HE used to get introduced as "this is Reid's brother." Oh well -- it was fun. His friend's love me. It seems one of them always says, "hey -- I know a gay guy. I should introduce you to him..." Then I say, "I don't really date queeny guys," and they give me a blank look like, "yeah, but he's gay." Gotta love the breeders...


  • Laying on the couch all night sounds like a perfect evening to me.

    By Blogger hot babe, at 5:06 PM  

  • Hot lawyer friends are good... my apologies on behalf of clueless breeders.

    By Blogger Christine, at 7:24 PM  

  • That's hilarious. "I know A gay guy..." Only one though, huh.

    You should've just stayed in and vegged. That sounds so good right now.

    By Blogger lynne, at 8:33 AM  

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