Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The man's bringin' me down...

I'm sure you've given up on me at this point. I'm in my "bad blogger" cycle again. I wonder if it's like the female cycle. I wonder if we all hang around each other enough if we get on the same cycle??

Anyway - I did start at a new company. This time I'm getting paid a base salary that equals what I was making in base AND commission at the last place. I'm at a big company again with an international presense and will be able to get more hires -- so it's all good, homies. BUT, I've been working an average of 12 hour days. I don't care, though - what else do I have to do but ignore grocery shopping, cleaning and watching "Roseanne" reruns??

I'm still downtown too, which is cool. The co-workers are nice/fun/funny and my boss isn't just out for himself, which is always nice. I suspect he's "family." He actually delivered my offer packet to my apartment--I met him outside--- and I saw a guy sitting in his passenger side. I know he doesn't have kids and there's no pictures of a girl on his desk (only a cat). I think the cat picture is what tipped me off. Well, also that he's really nice.

One funny thing has happened so far. A sales lady had my cube before I went there and left a bunch of junk in the drawers. Apparently some sales guy who left the company had the cube before she did. As I was rummaging through it on my third day there (I'm now in my second week), I found a one-hitter...the kind that looks like a cigarette. I marched right over to her office (she's a TX native, kinda kooky...funny) and said, "Care to explain this...??" And I slammed it on her desk. She was mortified and blamed the guy who had the cube before she did. It was kinda funny....

Anyway - the other recruiters are all pretty cool and have funny personalities, as do the sales people.

In the words sung by Annie after she arrived at Daddy Warbucks' estate, "I think I'm gonna like it here..."

Saturday, July 08, 2006

What have I gotten myself in to???

Sorry if you've been tirelessly wondering what happened w/ my job! My year anniversary was approaching and I asked to either get a raise in my base salary, or get my original commission structure back (the boss cut it twice for the company overhead). He said I'd just have to get more hires if I wanted more money, so I said I'd just have to start looking and he suggested that I start right away (in other words, he's cheap and was mad that I would quit because of it). So - there ya go!! I've got three offers on the table now and will make my final decision on Monday. The one I'm leaning toward is also downtown Minneapolis, so at least I still won't have a commute and can walk to work!

I'm planning my ten-year high school reunion...pretty much alone. Finding addresses is a big undertaking! I don't remember it being so much work for our five-year reunion. It's kind of fun, though, to see where everyone has wound up living. There are 100 of us in my class - almost all still live in Minnesota. I read somewhere that 80% of the world's population lives within 50 miles of where they were born....this has held true in my class's case!! A majority of my classmates still live within 20 miles of our hometown...nothing wrong with that, but glad I don't!! Okay, I'm only 90 miles away, but still away nonetheless!

So - that's all that's new in my little corner of the world. I'd also like to add, "God bless Air Conditioning...."

Oh - and Happy (belated) 230th Birthday to America!!!