Wednesday, October 26, 2005

People LOVE The Goonies

Oh. Mah. Gah.

My blog is linked on VH-1's Best Week Ever! They even quoted me!

I was just looking at the entry page section of the SiteMinder (or whatever it's called) and I've had about 300-some visitors in the past hour...all looking at the Goonies 20-Year Reunion investigated to see how so much exposure could be gained...and that's when I discovered that I'm on VH-1.

Maybe they'll ask me to be one of those people who comments on the "I Love the '80s" (et. al.) series!

I can see it now...instead of "Actor" or "Comedian," I'd be titled "Random 20-Something."



  • Dude, you rock. Congrats.

    By Blogger Dennis!, at 5:14 PM  

  • OMG! It's a blogger's dream come true! Congratulations, honey. You've been plucked from obscurity and they don't even know you're a Kennedy!

    By Blogger Twinkie, at 5:38 PM  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:29 PM  

  • Couldn't have happened to a more deserving Goonies fan!

    By Blogger Christine, at 6:42 PM  

  • Damn Kennedys get everything... oh wait, *I'm* a Kennedy, too.


    By Blogger hot babe, at 6:52 PM  

  • You have no clue how jealous I am. GRRRR.

    Congrats dude!!!

    By Blogger VeryApeAZ, at 7:24 PM  

  • A celeb you are! A sparkley martini for you!

    By Blogger walktrotcanter, at 8:18 PM  

  • Woah..congrats. :)

    By Blogger The Persian, at 2:18 AM  

  • So cool!!! Congrats!

    By Blogger lynne, at 7:53 AM  

  • By Blogger Twinkie, at 8:21 AM  

  • You're my hero. I love VH1.

    By Blogger ab, at 10:06 AM  

  • Nice!
    You are too cool man.

    By Blogger denverboy, at 11:34 AM  

  • Yay you! It's about time kiddo gets the recognition he deserves!

    I could definitely see you on the VH1 "I love the 80's" or "Best Week Ever" because you are for sure the

    By Blogger AmyD, at 12:53 PM  

  • I think this makes you the closest thing to a celebrity I know!

    Kiddo - Kennedy and blogging celebrity.

    That could be your title under your name on VH1. "Blogger."

    By Blogger Biglug, at 1:47 PM  

  • Famous! Just remember when the limos start coming around that I knew you when.

    By Blogger dan, at 4:26 PM  

  • My God! you are SOOOOOO COOL! Um, jealous! You do rock, indeed.

    By Anonymous duane, at 6:17 PM  

  • The great thing is, you'll probably get more exposure out of this than any of the actors that were actually IN the damn thing! Congrats...

    By Blogger beakman, at 8:50 AM  

  • Holy shit that's awesome!

    By Blogger katie, at 2:53 PM  

  • Supastah!

    By Blogger zeppgoddess, at 9:22 PM  

  • I better start working on my where are they now Gremlins post...

    congrats!Our little blog circle could see some serious link action due to this...way to go kiddo:)

    By Blogger Stacy, at 2:50 PM  

  • wow! Let me jump on the bandwagon to get some of your traffic to my blog!

    Seriously - that's awesome.

    By Blogger Robert, at 5:15 PM  

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