Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Is that a Q or or a G?

Although I'm not a fan of blog spam, that new word verification thing is a pain in my arse. I almost always have to retype it because I got it wrong the first time. Does this mean I need glasses or maybe I only need them in a fun house?

Hate it

Anyway, I'm off to go on a semi-blind date. Okay, it's just to "check out" a guy my brother's ex-girlfriend thinks I would dig. He works part-time at a restaurant, so my bro and I are meeting there for dinner and I guess this dude is supposed to be working tonight.

Ex girlfriend said he's funny, sarcastic as hell, smart, and handsome. I'm guessing handsome means he looks better than Sloth on the Goonies, yet not quite Jon Jon Kennedy.

If only we weren't related...and he hadn't died.

We'll see...


  • Hallelujah brother on the blog spam! It drives me nuts...but most things do. I have my fingers crossed for you on the "check out" date...he sounds a bit like you...

    By Blogger zeppgoddess, at 6:38 PM  

  • I find that it helps if you squint REALLY hard it's easier to tell what the letters are. It also works out pretty well if it turns out that the date ends up looking like Sloth (runs them off every time).

    By Blogger potusol, at 6:51 PM  

  • Have fun checking out the random man. If he's far from sloth-like how are you gonna progress things?

    By Blogger boy wonder?, at 5:50 AM  

  • Yay, you'll have to let use know how it went, hopfully it went really well!

    I hade the word verification, but I felt like I had to add it after getting comments like:

    I really like your site, it is full of good content, please come check out my site about GARDENING IN THE MIDWEST, it is full of great tips...

    Everytime I got that crap I wanted to go postal on someone.

    By Blogger Matt S., at 8:29 AM  

  • Oh, I love the crazy stalker type! HOw did it go?

    By Blogger katie, at 9:01 AM  

  • It actually went well! At first glance, I wasn't too sure, but then we all sat down and I thought he was pretty cute. And funny. And nice! We've actually met once before -- out one night. We went to a couple different places and he wound up staying over. Mmmm Hmmm. We're supposed to hang out again tomorrow - Saturday. He is 29. His name is Chad. He just moved back here after 6 years in Portland. We'll see...

    By Blogger Kiddo78, at 5:54 PM  

  • Oh, JFK Jr. was the best stud ever. I have shirtless pictures of him inside my closet.

    By Blogger Brechi, at 8:47 AM  

  • He's from Portland? He must be a good guy. I've noticed that a great majority of the gay guys in Portland are hot. Much more so than the straight guys. I wonder why this is so.

    By Blogger ab, at 7:42 PM  

  • I laughed hystericaly at your fun house glasses description...I don't think I have ever typed it right on the fist try...the Q always messes me up...I am not sure why?

    By Blogger Stacy, at 8:03 AM  

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