Friday, August 05, 2005

My, you've gotten fat...

This weekend I'm going with friend Danny to his hometown, about an hour north of the Twin Cities, for his 15-year reunion. It's a small town called Braham (like graham) and it's their townie fest this weekend as well.

I can just guess how many of his classmates are going to ask if we're "together." Which, I don't blame them for assuming, but it will get old hearing that over & over.

I hope it's fun.

I'm like the official date to class reunions, I guess. I went to one last summer and one already this summer. Actually, the one last summer was the 10-year reunion of my own high school's class of 1994, so I knew all of them pretty well - I was a sophomore when they graduated. It was interesting.

Them: "'re gay now, huh??"

Me: "Yes. I was in 1994, too."

Them: "But you look good now!"

Me: "Ummm...thanks....You've gotten fat."

Just kidding. I wouldn't say that. Out loud. Well, to their face anyway...

So, I'll be swilling beer with Danny's high school classmates at a street dance tonight. Wish me luck. I wonder if any of his classmates also "turned out gay..."?


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