Monday, July 25, 2005

Hmmm...what's new?

There really isn't much to talk about. I've become a boring blogger. Or maybe I always was and am just realizing it now!

Since it's Monday, I guess I can talk about my weekend.

Spent Friday evening just hanging out with J.D., the guy I'm seeing. You know - the one who was in treatment -- the trust fund baby? We just ordered some pizza and watched T.V. Then he left at about 10:00 and I met friends Danny and Bridget at the good ol' Gay '90s. We had a few cocktails there and proceeded to The Brass Rail. Nothing really exciting. Then Danny and I went to The 19 Bar and to an after-bar at friend Emily's. I wound up making out in the backyard with her friend, U of MN Erik. You may remember him from other posts. He's a cute lil' 21 yr old college boy who looks like he'd be from Brooklyn rather than suburban Twin Cities. It didn't last too long because the grass is really dry here and it hurt next to me nakey skin. We stayed up way too late and finally cabbed it back to my place.

I took Danny home (he lives in the semi-trendy, artsy, youngly-populated area of Minneapolis called Uptown) and continued on to Saint Louis Park where I picked up Jeff. We decided to catch a bus from my apartment downtown, where we took the lite rail to the Mall of America. Neither of us had tried Minneapolis' new train - it's called The Hiawatha Line and it just opened last fall. There's only one line so far, but I believe plans for expansion are in the works. It took about 25 minutes to get to the mall, which is in a suburb called Bloomington. We sat next to these really annoying teenage girls who were about 17. Obviously the blonde queens of a Bloomington High School, they were very clueless as they continued to flirt with us throughout the trip. Then they got on their cell phones to call boys with the names of Justin, Casey and Spencer....God, I don't miss high school.

I bought a shirt at J. Crew and a pair of jeans at GAP. Jeff got a couple shirts and some cologne. We decided to grab something quick to eat at the hellacious food court and that was a mistake. I forgot what kind of people populate the Mall of America food court -- yeah, the type who take a VACATION just to see the largest mall in the U.S. (I think it's the largest, anyway). Freaks. Of course, I was wearing white/cream pants and some dumb bitches made me spill orange soda all over them. I looked at them with fury and said, "jeeeesus christ, lady!!" Because she stopped in mid-stride and I had to stop abrubptly, causing my cup to tip over - of course it tipped over toward me and not on her. I lost my appetite and spent the rest of the meal time swearing and getting a headache.

Jeff and I later went to The 19, then met Danny and Jordan at The Brass Rail. We then went to the bar for the gay Minneapolis hotties and the trolls who love them, The Saloon, where I met a nice little Jewish boy named Mikey. We kissed on the dance floor and he gave me his number. He was a cutie. I don't know if I'll call him. Should I feel guilty?? I mean, J.D. and I aren't exclusive...

Yesterday we ate at Perkins and I forgot my cell phone there. J.D. came over for a while and I fell asleep.

All in all -- not a bad weekend!!

A Hiawatha Line train in Minneapolis

A small corner of the Mall of America. No wonder I don't go very least we can shop at Macys and Bloomingdales there.


  • We went on the train too this weekend.It was Michael's birthday and he was all about the choo-choo.I was not as impressed,we sat by some guy who told me I had a big head.He seemed like he was not being mean so I absolutely did not get it.I just smiled and said "yeah" Glad to see you blogging again,I needed a good kiddo makin out story.

    By Blogger Stacy, at 1:52 PM  

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