Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Have you ever....

Another "thing" widely sweeping the blogs -- this was from Agnes, who got it from BigDubb and yada, yada, yada...I'm posting it b/c I really got nuthin' else. Went to a lil' dinner party at the friend of C.Valium's on Saturday. Friend was HOT. And a chef, so the meal was fantastic. Pork tenderloin, crab legs, steak, and an awesome chocolate cake with strawberries. Work is still busy. Anyway, here's the newest questions:


Snuck out of the house – Yes, many times. We'd "go walking" when we were about 10. The cops brought a friend and I home in a cop car for being out past curfew. The fun part is when they'd chase us around town and we'd cut through people's yards, hide in bushes, etc. Small town curfews - what's the point?! In high school, I had a 2:00 a.m. curfew, so didn't really need to sneak out! I'd sometimes sneak out the window to go smoke, though.

Gotten lost in your city - I seldom know exactly where I'm going, but haven't been lost in Minneapolis except the day I moved here and got wrong directions. I eventually figured it out since I had been to Mpls many times. I did get lost in St. Paul, though.

Been to any other countries besides the united states – England, Scotland, Canada

Had a serious surgery – I almost kicked the tip of my toe off a couple years ago, walking up stone steps in sandals. It was horrendous. I still shudder at the thought of tit.

Gone out in public in your pajamas – I work at home, so oftentimes go out for a smoke in my jammas. Otherwise, in college, we'd sometimes just go to class in our pajamas. Didn't think much of it then!

Kissed a stranger – Hahaha! Most guys I kiss shouldn't even bother having a name.

Hugged a stranger – I don't hug. Especially not strangers.

Been in a fist fight – I punched a kid in 8th grade basketball practice. They tried to get us to fight after practice, but neither of us was mad anymore at that point. My brother and I used to get in some doozies, but never really punching match. Probably b/c I'd usually run to the couch and start kicking blindly - it was my only defense.

Been arrested – Yes, for DWI. I was visiting friends in La Crosse, Wisconsin, got pulled over for going through a YELLOW light...and none of them could come get me at the police station b/c they were all drunk. So, cops had to book me, take mug shots - I had to wear an orange outfit (including orange slip-on Keds) and sleep on a tiny mattress in jail. I learned my lesson!

Laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose – I seem to remember it happening in elementary school. God only knows what I thought was funny at the time.

Pushed all the buttons on an elevator – Doubtful.

Swore at your parents – Actually, I don't think I ever have. I can't even picture calling my Mom the B word.

Been in love – I don't really know. Maybe once.

Been close to love – I think so.

Been to a casino – Have been to Treasure Island in Red Wing, MN, several times.

Been skydiving - I don't think I could do it. Heights are scary.

Skinny-dipped – We used to go to this quarry out in the country in high school. I think we called it Miracle Pond or Miragle...wouldn't have any idea how to get out there from town now...probably because we were usually drunk and in a car with about 10 people in it. How we never died is beyond me.

Skipped school – Never really did before college. Then, watch out!! I was famous for only going to lecture for the tests and pulling an A -- b/c I kept up with the reading.

Seen a therapist - Once. I had to for insurance reasons. Oh, and sometimes child psychologists would want to talk to my brother and me b/c the school knew my Dad was f'ed up...

Done the splits - Yeah, not so much.

Played spin the bottle – When I was about 12, I think. It was horrifying.

Gotten stitches – 8 in my arm - Spring 1980. I was 2 and dancing around the living room to the Popeye cartoon theme song and my parents had an antique crock with wooden lid - a nail was in the lid and I caught my poor little arm on it. I still remember that day.

Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour – No, but I did drink nearly a half-gallon before I went home for Christmas freshman year - Hey, I didn't want it to go to waste!

Bitten someone – Also in Spring 1980, my neighbor and I were playing vampires and I really did bite him on the neck. He bawled and I ran and hid under my bed. Later he and his Mom brought me a May Basket (I guess it was May 1, 1980) and I totally didn't deserve it. I guess the nail gave me rabid tendencies...

Been to Niagara Falls - Yes, over July 4, 2003. Read about it here.

Gotten the chicken pox – Yep, I think I had them when I was 4. It must not have been a very bad case b/c I don't remember much about it. Had a scar on my stomach forever, though.

Kissed a member of the opposite sex – I went thru a stage where I'd make out with random girls at the bar. One was a Britney look alike. The other was turning 21 the same day I was, so we felt the need to kiss. Duh.

Crashed into a friend's car - Nope. But I did crash in to my Dad's Cadillac with a golf car when I was about 10.

Been to Japan – No, and I'm sure it's very pretty, but it's not really high on my priority list.

Ridden in a taxi – Thank god for taxis. There'd be more than one night in jail for me otherwise, I imagine.

Been dumped - Kind of, yeah. Usually it's just the quit calling thing, so not really officially dumping if we weren't really together.

Shoplifted – We were kinda bad kids. Got caught when I was 12 stealing a lighter to use for fireworks. We stole a lot of cigarettes from 14-15 too. Again -- DUH.

Been fired – Yes, twice. One for yelling at a hotel clerk who was a jerk to me all week and one for being late.

Had a crush on someone of the same sex – Ummm...only as I live and breathe. The first big one was my best friend, Scott, in 7th grade. The whole school had a crush on him, I think.

Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back – Welcome to my life.

Gone on a blind date – I don't think I've officially been set up by anyone, but have gone on lots of dates with guys I just met online or out one time. Usually doesn't go very well.

Lied to a friend – I'm sure I have, but nothing major since I can't remember anything.

Had a crush on a teacher – Several in high school - we had some good lookin' teachers! One in college. My computer science professor, of all people. Hated that class, but at least he taught it and was nice to look at.

Celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans - Would love to!

Been to Europe - England and Scotland in July 1999, when I was 21......awesome time!

Slept with a co-worker – Nope

Been married – It's illegal, thanks.

Gotten divorced - No, but I'm sure I'll find a way to do that even though I can't get married.

Had children – No and don't really want any.

Seen someone die - Nope. Creepy.

Had a close friend die – Nope.

Been to Africa - Nope and don't really want to. Too hot.

Driven over 400 miles in one day – Many times. Grandparents lived in Black Hills of South Dakota, which was 630 miles one way. We always drove it in one day.

Been to Canada – Yes. Niagara Falls.

Been to Mexico – Nope

Been on a plane – Many times

Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show – Rented it with friend Kevin in 1990. We lasted about 5 minutes, I think.

Thrown up in a bar – No, but two friends have thrown up on my shoes.

Purposely set a part of myself on fire – Excuse me??

Eaten Sushi – Once - on a date in Chicago with a Canadian Curt Cobain look-alike (except clean). It was pretty good, but the texture kinda bugged me.

Been skiing/snowboarding – Skiing, no and don't want to. Tried snowboarding with crush Scott once and fell within 3 seconds, twisting my knee. Stupid snowboarding.

Met someone in person from the internet – Lots. My best friend and I actually met online in Dec. 1998.

Lost a child - Nope.

Gone to college - BA in Mass Comm: Public Relations
Graduated college – Yes, Winona State University, May 2000

Fired a gun – Nope; despite my small town roots.

Purposely hurt yourself – Doubtful since pain sucks.

Taken painkillers - I was on Vicodin after removing wisdom teeth. Didn't really make me feel any different...


  • Oooh - I like this one. You crack me up. Some of those questions are odd.

    By Blogger Biglug, at 8:46 AM  

  • You always have such creative answers...this was a long test, tho!

    By Blogger walktrotcanter, at 11:48 AM  

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