Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I'm a Nomad

I was just thinking about where I've lived since college -- I have moved more than anyone I know, I think. Let's review, shall we?

1. January 2000: Living in a dump apartment in Winona (college) with friend Jocelyn - but spending a majority of the time at my boyfriend's

2. May 2000: Graduate college and live with boyfriend Chris for the summer

3. October 2000: Get an apartment in Rochester with friend Kari (started at Keane in July)

4. August 2001: Getting laid off soon - move home to Lake City

5. September 2001: Move clothes to Oak Lawn, IL to stay with friends for a Chicago internship

6. January 2002: Back to Lake City

7. February 2002: Move to an apartment in Rochester with friend Mandy (Keane needs me back)

8. May 2002: Laid off again - Move to friend Amanda's townhouse in Plymouth

9. September 2002: Can't find a job - move home and start grad school back in Winona

10. November 2002: Move to my first roommate-free apartment in Winona

11. April 2004: Keane wants me back (February) - get an apartment in Rochester

12. November 2004: Keane tosses me - new job in Twin Cities - move to Minneapolis

See, told ya...Anybody else out there who's moved 12 times in 5 years??!


  • That's nuts. Sounds like my time in the marine corps. I lived in 10 places in like 5 years.

    By Blogger BigDubb, at 3:18 AM  

  • Hmm...oh yeah - I forgot to say that each move was to follow a Marine around...

    By Blogger Kiddo78, at 5:59 PM  

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