Saturday, October 13, 2007

THIRTY --- 30! --- It's near....

I'm 29. And I have been since March. I've quite obviously known, for some time, that age 30 is fast-approaching. Yes, my brother (who's one year older than I) turned 30. And other friends from my high school days, who were also in my brother's grade, have now turned 30. It didn't really hit me.

Until today. My childhood friend and classmate, Kevin, turned 30 today. I didn't celebrate with him or anything...Lord, I haven't even seen him since we were about 21...But I woke up today knowing that October 12th was somebody's birthday...I knew it was someone I had known quite well. Then it hit me. "Kevin is fucking THIRTY years old today!"

"Oh. My. God. I'm going to be THIRTY on my next birthday?! --- THIRTY?!?"

Mind you, it's not that I think thirty is old. It's just that thirty was always the age that 'adults' were. I never pictured my friends and I being grown-ups. We don't even look like the people on that '80s show, "Thirtysomething!"

Do we??

I suppose teenagers probably do think we look old. And that we ARE old. Ugghhh....when did that happen?? The last I knew, we all had flat stomachs and were drinking illegaly in a cornfield. Now....we're just 30 (well, I'm still 29, mind you).

Anyway - I think the whole turning 30 thing is starting to hit me now.

As Scarlett O'Hara would say, "Well, I just won't think about that now....Tomorrow is another day!"

And, tomorrow, I'll still be 29.

Mustang Sally!!

Here I am again! Thrilled, aren't you?? Yeah - thought so.

Well, my life has been somewhat of a....what would Carol Burnett say?? Ummm....a.....NIGHTMARE?!?!?!?! For the last few months.

I was happily strumming along doing my same old thing. Well, this time with a boyfriend and a stable (or stabile?) job (whichever one means regular - not working in a barn). Of course, I should've known that would all come crashing down - God forbid, I have a life that somewhat resembles normalcy...

You see, Matt wasn't what you would call particularly...."wild" in any sense of the word. In fact, kind of a creature of habit (go to work at 6:30 AM, home at 3:00, routine home stuff, bed at 9:30).

We broke up. I didn't see it coming and was devastated. I guess I can see how it happened now....what with all my getting fired all the time and living my "f-you and I don't give a damn" Kennedy-esque lifestyle. I can see how that threw a wrench in his daily life.

So - anyway - Matt and I broke up. And I got fired....again. This time it really wasn't even due to my attendance. It really was due to the stupid office politics thing and one certain bitch getting me fired b/c she had an "in" with our VP and felt threatened by my getting more hires than she (when she was the one used to getting the most hires every month). ANYWAY -- go figure, I'd unwillingly find a way to get fired - and into confrontation.

Well, that's whiskey under the bridge.

I do find it funny that at least three female friends have reassuringly told me, "You know, Sally Jesse Raphael got fired TWELVE times....All the way to the top!!"

At this point, I'd settle for the TOP of a circus tent.

God, I hate: passive-aggressive Midwestern bitches who avoid confrontation at all costs....homophobic VP's in New Jersey (who always have to remind you of how 'close' they live to NYC [like we give a shit]....interviewing....people who call the Midwest the 'fly-over states' [keep flying, fucker]....corporate life.

Look out, Sally Jesse....I think a Kennedy is looking for a talk show...and he's wearing big red glasses too. Bitch.