Wednesday, December 08, 2004

We can drink here??

I was supposed to have my one-on-one with boss at 3:00 today. Instead the CEO told everyone to get down to the conference room for a party. She was happy so brought two bottles of champagne and a pie from Baker's Square. I've never drank at work before - it was odd. Well, once my co-workers and I were working late so we got pizza and each had 2 beers...but that was a big secret. Now my CEO is bringing booze to work *and* pie. I think I love it here. Except drinking in front of the boss and CEO is not high on my list. I don't want to drink too fast like I normally would otherwise they'll know what I do every weekend. And I don't think they'd be too impressed if I got buzzed and my Betty Ford eyes started to appear...(my eyes sometimes get weird looking when I drink. I used to call them my Bette Davis eyes, then decided that Betty Ford was more appropriate...that old drunk floozy). We had our office holiday party at CEO's big house last weekend - some of the people can really throw 'em back! I waited patiently b/c Angela and I were going out afterwards anyway, so I only had 2 drinks. That's the night A. wound up making out with "Derrik" in my kitchen...

Who's got more drunk eyes??



  • Drinking at work=great
    Drinking at work+pie=excellent

    I skipped the holiday party at work last year. I'm kind of sad I did because that's one of the few excuses to drink at work and see all your stuffy co-workers get tanked. Great blackmail opporutnites there....

    ps-LOVE the fact that you say *Betty Ford* eyes! you are always so clever!

    By Blogger lynne, at 10:02 AM  

  • I have a drinking with the boss story for ya.

    I used to work for a formerly defunked video store in the twin cities. As part of the celebration the managament was all invited over to the president of the company's house for food, wine, liquor, snacks the whole spread.

    As I am one to partake in frivolity with complete and total disregard I nestled up to a bottle of tangeray, some tonic and a half a lime and got to work. 2/3 of a bottle later I was feeling pretty good. Wait I was feeling really, really good.

    As we were sitting around the table eating dinner I asked the president of the company (whos brother-in-law was the owner, and brother was in operations, and other brother was in realestate and other brother was in accounting and cousin was in operations and father-in-law was in consessions, I think you get my point) with all sincerity and asked, "When do you think nepotism starts to become a hinderence in business?"

    I've never heard a table of 20+ people fall silent with such haste.

    needless to say I wasn't there for the following year's christmas party. 'Tis the season!

    By Blogger BigDubb, at 10:41 AM  

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