Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Survey of the Lynne Variety

1. If you could have any three people over for TV dinners, who would they be?
Other than my Blog people, I'd say Charlotte, Carrie & Samantha's characters from Sex and the City...Miranda had to watch Brady.

2. What child actor would you choose as a roommate?
A current child star? Or one who used to be a child star and is grown up now? How about...Mindy Cohn? She seems like she'd be pretty laid back and fun (Natalie Green). Seriously, I don't know where the hell that came from...

3. What two people would you most like to be stranded on a desert island with?
Friend Tara and HotBabe - they are funny and they like to drink too. We *would* have liquor there, wouldn't we??

4. If you could keep only one possession, what would it be?
My pictures! I love them.

5. What celebrity do you think you most resemble?
People (a couple) have told me Vince Vaughn. I hope that's not true b/c I don't really see his cuteness shining through. Otherwise, nobody.

6. What other person on this list would you most like to go ice fishing with?
Whoever is going to burn down the shack with me so we can go to a bar.

7. If your life was a soap opera, what would your name be?
Reid Kennedy, of course...

8. What is your most treasured possession?
Didn't they already ask this?? My pictures (candids) are most precious after my clothes.

9. Which person on this list would you least like to spend an hour locked in a closet with?
Decisions, decisions!! An hour?? After spending almost 21 years in a closet, an hour is nothing. Any of you -- and for longer than 60 minutes.

10. What outfit do you own that you think you look the best in?
I did get lots of compliments in some jeans, a thermal and a zip up hoodie...?? Who knew...

11. When was the last time you cried while watching a movie or TV show?Oh lord. My friends say I don't have any emotions, but I kind of started crying over a Lifetime movie with Meredith Baxter Birney! Her really cute son committed suicide...sad. And what about "Terms of Endearment." Yikes...

12. What do you own that you are most ashamed to admit you own?
Ummm...oh, these swing dance instruction movies that a friend gave to me in college! I think she wanted to "practice" with me...They are kinda creepy.

13. What is your most recent sin?
Define sin...

14. What part of your body do you most want changed?
My tum-tum -- could use a little toning!

15. If you had to choose someone from this list to marry, who would it be and why?
Geez...Let me know when it's legal.

16. What is your most embarrassing moment?
I was a "Kids Teaching Kids" teacher in sixth grade and the little brat fourth grader raised his hand and said, "Ummm....your zipper is down." HORRID.

17. What is your worst dating experience?
The guy who wanted to be peed on. How come some guys get so weird?!?

18. What are you doing when you feel most attractive?
Having a good time w/ my friends at a lighting is great for your complexion!

19. What is the brattiest thing you did as a kid?
I don't know how bratty it is, but I crashed into my Dad's Cadillac with a golf cart going really fast. Oh, and I broke all the windows out of some junked cars at an abandoned farm house -- turns out the cars were some crazy old doctor's collection. Other than that, ask my sisters.

20. What is the worst crime you have ever committed?
Vandalism of those windows and I do have a DUI under the ol' belt too. That was a bright moment. Waking up in jail is fun. I CAB everywhere now...well, if out drinking.


  • Mindy Cohn? Is that the girl from "Facts of Life"? Either way-I used to love that show! Now I have the theme song in my head...

    I now thing you are even cooler because of the fact you've been in jail. Random Lynne fact #300: someday I'd like to have to be bailed out of jail for a *drunk and disorderly*.

    By Blogger lynne, at 9:17 AM  

  • "Facts of Life" it is...good show. Being in jail really isn't very's rather a nightmare. Being drunk & disorderly is fun sometimes, though. Go for it!!

    By Blogger Kiddo78, at 10:09 AM  

  • peed on? Oh honey - you've got to stop meeting men on the internet... :-)

    By Blogger Robert, at 1:56 PM  

  • I loved Natalie. I was the fat girl growing up, so I felt a bond to her. And according to Pirates of the Carribean, there's a stash of rum on deserted islands. We'll have a blast!

    By Blogger hot babe, at 2:32 PM  

  • I loved the Facts of Life. I related more to Jo though I guess. I never had a mullet though.

    By Blogger Christine, at 2:48 PM  

  • I didn't even meet him on the Internet! Even better: the bar. YIKES.

    By Blogger Kiddo78, at 12:29 AM  

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