Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Word to the Wise

If you want to annoy a recruiter/hiring person to NO END, simply insist on hearing what the job pays before they can squeeze a word in to the conversation.

Some candidates really do this:

Me: Hello, Bob. I came across your resume and thought you looked like a potential match for a full-time position I have available in Minneapolis.

Bob: What's the pay?

Me: Ahhh....yeah....We don't really have defined salaries or rates - lots of factors are considered.

Bob: Well, ABC Co. is only paying my $75k now and I should be making $85k.

Me: I don't think my company will have a good match for you.

Note: Your skills are never worth as much as you think they should be. Fact is, 5 years ago, you were overpaid. That's when everyone had a job and nobody was looking very hard, so a lot of jobs paying too high just to find people. Now, there are tons of jobs available, so hiring salaries have gone down. Live with it. And don't make it sound like salary is your biggest concern, even if it is. Maybe you can make more money at some places, but will work for a crappy company...or maybe your friend with the same skills makes a certain amount. I don't care. Just don't insist on hearing the salary before you hear anything else!!! Argghhh.....

Okay, finished venting now!


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